Month: January 2020

What Season Are We In?

With all the effects of what scientists call “global warming” full into play right in front of us, many people across the country often times compare the weather asking what is the temperature where you are in Florida or in Texas or New York and compare the unusually inconsistent weather that is hitting the world…

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Just Because You Don’t Believe

We all have heard it be said that “Just because you don’t believe in something doesn’t make it any less true” I have heard that said so often and it has become such a real thing for me in my walk with God. I have to be honest, many years ago I wasn’t clear on…

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Don’t Argue With a Spirit

In life, when we as believers have issues, be it financial, car troubles, our kids start acting up in school, grief in marital life or death, I hear it said often “Satan is busy”, or “that’s just the devil”. As quickly as we label Satan or dark forces as the source of the problem is…

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The Narrow Path is a Tight Rope

I’ve been asked if I have become some kind of fanatic over God and hey maybe I have. People ask me how long have I been in the truth as if the amount of time you have been a believer somehow proves your dedication and sincerity of following the Most High. The old me wanted…

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