Month: May 2020

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Making the Word of God of None Effect

“Howbeit in vain they worship me” (Mark 7:7) Full well ye reject the commandment of God, that ye may keep your own tradition” (Mark 7:9). Many of us have heard that the early tradition of Christmas originated far earlier than the birth of the messiah but as much as we have heard this, the roots…

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Study to Show Thyself Approved More

Conditional Calling Day 3 Jonah

Conditional Calling Day 3 In the last segment of the Conditional Calling Series let’s review the results of our disobedience on the lives of other people and how our choice to be rebellious can influence the way we are handled by others and change our own fate and this is best exemplified in the story…

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Conditional Calling Day 2 Eli

Conditional Calling 2 From day one of the Conditional Calling Series we see the benefits of obedience and how whole nations can be blessed and inherit blessings such as Abrahams lineage did as a result of Gods favor and Abraham’s obedience. However lets review the cost of disobedience. The story of Eli and his sons…

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Conditional Calling Day 1 Abraham

Conditional Calling Day 1 Are you willing to give up the thing you love the most if God asks you to? Many followers of Christ will say yes quickly without thinking, but what if he tests you with that one thing that means the world to you. Isn’t it frustrating that it usually is the…

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