Month: June 2021

God will send a helping hand just get back up

I know it’s a drought out here and many things seem to be void of true love and authenticity. Many are turning away from the Most High totally handing themselves over to Satan while the people of God are struggling to stay spirit filled interacting with the rest of the world. There are seasons where…

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While in Babylon be a Daniel

Lately Daniel has just been jumping out at me everywhere and I’ve been pondering on the ministry of Daniel. Daniel was prophetic but even as that is big deal what is just as notable is Daniel was so strong in character that in the face of death he was unwilling to bow down to a…

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The Mythical “High Value Man”

When I first heard the concept of a “high value man” I was shocked that so many grown adults had come into agreement with this mindset. I am actually not sure of the origin of the concept but I was introduced by a friend to a social media influencer named Kevin Samuels. Now personally as…

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