Month: November 2021

When at Canaan be a Caleb

I don’t know about you but whenever I move to a new promise land the enemy will come to send a few spoilers to capture my joy. At first I didn’t notice this and perhaps as a result of not pay attention to that part I let a few things discourage me. When the enemy…

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So even if you aren’t a believer you feel it, the accusations, bad dreams simple misunderstandings that turn into hostile situations unwarranted, the control and manipulation, just darkness. I think the craziest thing is no matter how blatant the signs of the times there are still many who believe there is normalcy ahead, or those…

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There was something I had buried in the furthest corner of my mind. I look back and wonder how something this big could even be hidden, but somehow it could, for years, decades even but its effects always reminded me that it was still there and would never go away. Even if no one had…

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