As a Roaring Lion

As a Roaring Lion

So you have repented. All praises to the Most High God! I am in joy for you that you have accepted that you needed to renounce the habitual sin that you witnessed having you, your sister, cousins, mom, aunts and grandmother bound. You heard from the Most High that this addiction that keeps popping up is actually a “thing” and now your question is after repentance what next?

Let’s begin, first of all again congratulations because this is a hard revelation to come to terms with that you or your ancestors did something that you all are now suffering for. MOST are not repenting unfortunately no matter how much they need to or how much proof is presented. The spiritual blindness of the time right now is thick. Many in the church including the pastors and the congregation he is pastoring are afraid to discuss generational curses or deliverance for that matter. Unfortunately as a result most of our answers won’t be found there. So most likely your revelation that led to repentance came straight from the Most High himself.

As crazy as it sounds, people believe that Jesus washed all of that away and so they don’t exist. While he did come to set the captives free, what we are witnessing is our society unfolding as a dwelling place of devils. We have to ask how things got this intense, as churches even before corona were mostly still packed in attendance, with everyone lined up for their feel good word of the week that didn’t glorify God but ended in Jesus’ name, so what happened? Where is the disconnect?

Even as the best example of a still standing generational curse is that of Deuteronomy 28 where God said that a later generation even one after Jesus Christ would go into captivity and the curses would be a sign for these people of who they are and soon after they all come to remember themselves then judgement. People will fight you tooth and nail and say that nations or individuals cannot be cursed while referencing other scriptures and ignoring that one. Even if you mention it, their reply is oh that’s the Old Testament. Yet since pastor pork chop said the law and its curses were done away with I guess what he said is gospel. But I digress.

The topic of deliverance seems to be a taboo thing as if the whole world is not bound by one devil or another and the only person qualified to do deliverance is some superhero from another planet these days.
When I initially addressed my spiritual issues and there were several of them might I add, I called around all the mega churches in my area and the small ones that seemed to be on every other corner in the Bible Belt south only to be told that they don’t do deliverance. I was on my own, or at least so I thought. I found that I was not prepared and I was left to kind of learning it as I went along.

Many nights I stayed awake terrified, sleeping with the lights on as if I was not a full grown adult simultaneously pretending to be brave when my kindergartener asked me who was attacking her in her sleep or why she was suddenly terrified to be in a room by herself. Looking back now I laugh at how afraid I was and inexperienced. I was totally clueless on how to use my authority and “clean” my house. However at the time if anyone would have laughed at my situation, I think I would have lost it because at that point you could not have convinced me that the spirit that was in my house was not going to kill me and my child.

Without going through every bizarre detail I’ll spare you and get to the point, the key to your deliverance is a repentant heart, courage and praise. Once you repent and then identify the strongman understand that you have to want it gone far more than it wants to stay. So being consistent and determined to keep it away no matter how intense the warfare is the key. Remember this, it’s bark is bigger than it’s bite even if it does happen to bite you.

Let’s review Matthew 12:43-45 43 (B)“When an unclean spirit goes out of a man, (C)he goes through dry places, seeking rest, and finds none. 44 Then he says, ‘I will return to my house from which I came.’ And when he comes, he finds it empty, swept, and put in order. 45 Then he goes and takes with him seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter and dwell there; (D)and the last state of that man is worse than the first. So shall it also be with this wicked generation.”

Let me explain something to you, I read this plenty of times prior yet it’s a whole different thing to actually have experienced this strong man coming back worse than what it was before and with friends. I got deliverance but I was not consistent in my prayers and staying filled with the Holy Spirit I still had weakness in me and lack of knowledge. I am not saying this to instill fear but to simply reiterate the importance of being disciplined and to put emphasis on your due diligence in repenting and staying clean. Praise is something these things absolutely hate! And your ability to stay pressed to God or lack of can actually be the spiritual life and death of you or the literal one. Yet don’t be afraid, I watched my 5 year old cast out devils and fast like an adult so don’t think you need a degree in warfare, you don’t.

Right now we are in the last days of the last days, do not let anyone else tell you differently. So keep your oil! I’ve had many, especially my elders tell me they all thought the same thing and nothing but another 40 years came and went. Let me explain something these last day spirits are relentless they will take everyone out before they have a chance to repent because they are the epitome of a miserable being who loves company. They know their time is short so they want to take as many with them as possible don’t let one of them be you.

If and when and I mean when you find yourself repenting and say ok this kind will only leave me with fasting and prayer (Matthew 17:21 KJV) and you decide to fast, here’s the cheat sheet: put on the full armor of God when you go to battle. Fasting is like being in the dark and here you come with a spot light on you and now you are making a name for yourself in their realm. So much happens in the spirit realm when we fast and so much freedom as a result. Understand since fasting is so effective, because these spirits cannot dwell long in a disciplined body that it feels is it’s home it will try to get you to never fast again. There is a very good chance you are the first in your bloodline to notice this spirit let alone attack back with repentance and fasting.

With that said, this strongman/demonic being has probably been in your family masking itself for a minimum of centuries to be honest, it knows how to stay it’s has studied you and all your relatives and has a plethora of tactics. It will pull out all the stops to get back in you if it was actually inside of you. It will retaliate and try its best to scare you to death because it knows something you don’t and that is if you ever come to understand your authority it’s a done deal.

When you realize you are that generational curse breaker time will show that breaking curses entails far more than being just the first to “seem” like you did it different. A real generational curse breaker comes for the strongman that has had his or her family bound for decades with prayer and fasting and seeks deliverance. The way you win is through repentance, humility, a consistent prayer and Bible reading life, and by removing the people, places, lifestyle and items that opened the door and then by keeping it shut.

Rather it is habitual fornication, cut out the sex partners, don’t watch the sexually explicit shows; if it is alcoholism and you find that you can’t resist the spirits in the bottle, stop going to the clubs, don’t hang out at the bars and don’t drink yourself to sleep.
My nights hanging out, being of the world, social drinking and doing it my way was exchanged. A once worldly girl can now be found alternating harp music and scriptures as I slept, communion to start my days, fasting as I was led and mostly sleeping in my prayer closet after midnight praise and worship.

No you don’t exactly have to do it the same way I did but Yahshaya (Jesus Christ of Nazereth) will get you through your battle with the strongmen in your life. From my experience I had more than one, they usually run in packs as one gets in it lets all its partners in too. So even if the battle is long it’s a worthy fight. Be strong and stay encouraged and take your authority and cast it out. Keep a repentant heart with one close to the Most High and He will teach you how to fight. Remember the enemy only prowls around posing as a roaring lion, it doesn’t mean he is one. Shalom

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