Breaking the Barrier to the Breakthrough

Breaking the Barrier to the Breakthrough

It’s funny, no matter how long we all have been followers of Christ, He never fails to show us how much his ministering will always be needed in our lives. I find that mostly every day is a teachable moment for me, and since I enjoy learning I welcome the lessons. However, some of my lessons have been unbearable and what I recently found is that most of the time it was me standing in the way of my “A”.

I was not passing the tests to say the least and I did not understand why I would continue to experience what I considered repetitive attacks. Even when I “believed” myself to have put away my old self and repented from old sins, I still experienced heavy warfare. But what I am finding is that the warfare or the barrier standing between you and your breakthrough is faith and how you handle your trials.

Yes admittedly I complained my way through most of that warfare just as I did with life, just as the stiff-neck Israelites in the wilderness. When I look back at those seasons I just could not see things for what was good I was only focusing on the problem and not on Christ. We all want different things for different reasons, and for me I desired peace. When I did not receive peace I griped and moaned and then as things progressively got worse I was surprised and wished to return to the past I had previously taken for granted. All of the time it is not the problem, but how you handle it. Do you as soon as you see an issue go to your prayer closet and pray against it? Do you rebuke the evil imaginations that cause you to go back down memory lane when life looked just like this trial and have faith things will improve? Or do you make up your mind that things will go as they did in the past and hold on to your negative expectations?

I will tell you first hand that I understand fully, but instead of complaining through the trials just breakthrough! Don’t talk just, pray. Sometimes our trials are for the “soul” purpose of building up our spiritual strength, for correction and pruning and other times it is for unrepentant sin, but all times it is to build faith. If everything looked like something with a pre-foreseen outcome it would not look like such a miracle when our God who does miracles for a living comes through with one. Everyone says wait on the Lord and I get it, it is hard to when everything seems to be in shambles. But sometimes the breakdown creates the breakthrough because sometimes things in the environment have to breakdown so that they can be removed before elevation, such as a toxic friendship, a way of thinking or a call for redirection. However, we are only given what we can bear. If you can continue to keep pressing, stay faithful and in the presence of the Most High, you will find that those barriers to that breakthrough just come tumbling down.


They That Wait Upon The Lord, Shall Renew Their Strength Isaiah 40:31


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