Casualties of Casual Sex

Casualties of Casual Sex

cas·u·al·ty/ˈkaZH(o͞o)əltē/Learn to pronouncenounplural noun: casualties

  1. a person killed or injured in a war or accident.”the shelling caused thousands of civilian casualties”.
  2. a person or thing badly affected by an event
    Similar: victim, fatality, mortality, dead, and injured/wounded missing in action

Similar: Victim, Loss, Loser, Mortality, Sufferer, Missing in Action

In the insurance world Casualty insurance is a type of insurance that covers you if you’re legally responsible for another person’s injuries or property damage. It basically always entails incurring a loss or suffering harm. The interesting thing about this is that casualty claims are the most stressful part of the insurance business. There is a lot of money on the table when you handle casualty claims because the high level of stress you are under when you have to interact with people who have suffered from these losses. It can be so extensive and there are a lot of details that most people outside of this industry don’t ever consider. Say for instance there is a car accident and there is damage to the car as well as bodily injuries. The adjuster would not only handle the damage to the persons vehicle if it was repairable or not but also consider the other people in the same car. Were there passengers, children, etc. Was there a loan on the car if so did the driver possess gap insurance to cover the loan? Was the insured at fault and is the insurance company going to be pursued for subrogation, meaning that the insurance company of the driver who is responsible for the accident will be pursued for damages that were incurred to the other person and their vehicle. Are there medical bills? Is the car totaled? Did anyone die? Is there long term injuries? The questions are numerous. Having said that, one persons potentially careless decision to speed, text and drive or watch sports on their phone while driving an 18 wheeler (yes I’ve seen and handled these claims) have so many compounded consequences and can affect so many people it is unbelievable. These claims can really bring you down mentally as you have to adjust and speak with the hardest people to talk to and hold your composure when someone tells you their child was ejected from their vehicle and not cry on the phone as a professional despite of any negligence on behalf of the claimant.

I used this example because I never paid much attention to the word casual and casualty until I adjusted claims. I find it interesting how a word associated with death and loss can be applied to sex and I find it is perfectly suiting to the consequences of doing just that having casualty sex. The enemy always puts everything in our faces like casual and casualty and sex and then distracts us so that we don’t make the connection or notice that there is one. Sex outside of the protection of marriage is just that casualty, death, loss, missing in action, suffering calamity sex in both the natural and the spirit realm which we are now unprotected from because we are sinning.

One act can cause generations of devastation and it almost reminds me of a snowball effect even if you only did it once because so much more took place beyond that act that our eyes cannot see right away. It was an invitation for confusion, anxiety, death to the relationship, loss of respect and gain of demonic covenants that only Jesus Christ can free you from the effects that are tremendous even if you only did this one time.

It’s really devastating how casualties are normalized and how this word is strategically associated with sex outside of wedlock yet we all seem to miss that part and I’m speaking for myself at some point as well. You may as well sign yourself up for death for the wages of that sign that may look like anything and come through as any form sickness, rage, anger, jealousy, rejection, witchcraft all things that we really don’t get to chose. What comes through our doors when we open those doors by breaking spiritual laws our out of our control and we can’t discern what is happening to us because we don’t make these laws we only need to know and follow them. Don’t think you got away because you have a “strong pull out game” or because you are disease free for this time being, or because there is no “proof” of your act (children) because just know this one act can load you with a bondage we are sometimes too human like and unsophisticated to imagine despite of the fact you think you did this in secret. There is no secrets to God He sees it all and it is just a matter of time before He allows you to reap the seeds of your fornication. Sex before marriage is not your “preference” this is a Lust Spirit and it may be a generational one. Repent and Bind that spirit and cast it out. That ex God said leave alone that you keep looking back at still is not for you it is a soul tie and if you are looking back at more than one ex then there is more than one tie, all ties that bind when we establish bonds outside of the will, order and directives of God.

It does not matter if the majority says “you should live with each other first” or “test drive the car before you drive” it it’s a lie from the pit of hell. Don’t get me wrong God has allowed these things to occur because we have free will choices but we were never free from the consequence of those choices. It’s fascinating to watch people be mocked and ridiculed for striving for purity or celibacy after becoming single parents as if it is too late telling them “why bother now”. I consider that to be the same thing as telling someone who has been on drugs who wants to stop “well you have been on drugs forever why get clean now?” 🙄

I would just really like to add that fornication is not just a bad thing, it’s a sin one that requires deep deliverance and repentance from which the word repent means to turn away. THIS MEANS DON’T DO THIS ANYMORE. It does not matter to God how much you try to make it ok or how long you have been in it or “it’s like we are married” or “I intend to marry her eventually” or “it’s cheaper we live together” Yah does not change. He is the same no matter how outdated we have allowed society to try to convince us his laws are. He is the same yesterday and today and his standard that we remain pure vessels that he can use is still the standard. Malachi 3:6 For I am the LORD, I change not.

If God said there will be judgment for the whoremonger, the fornicator and the sexually immoral he meant that. He did not change his mind.

God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that he should repent: hath he said, and shall he not do it? or hath he spoken, and shall he not make it good? Numbers 23:19

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  1. Erin Jones-Booth says:

    Great word, I pray that those in need have ears to hear and a mind that understands it. I spent years (about 17) shaking with my now husband and I can say from experience that once we exchanged rings and made our intentions known to Yah, THEN our union began to be blessed. Sex outside of the protection of marriage is violence and violence tends to lead to death. Take heed to this word my Brothers and Sisters.

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