Conditional Calling Day 1 Abraham

Conditional Calling Day 1 Abraham

Conditional Calling Day 1

Are you willing to give up the thing you love the most if God asks you to? Many followers of Christ will say yes quickly without thinking, but what if he tests you with that one thing that means the world to you. Isn’t it frustrating that it usually is the one thing that you love that God will ask you to let go of, and sometimes it is something that he in fact has just given you, rather it is a relationship, a desire, a job, how many of us can say that we will relinquish these things and mean it and if we do how do we act in our obedience. Do we complain and gripe on our situations, do we prolong the task or will we be still and know that he is God? While it is true that God is looking for our sacrifice he more so is looking for us to be obedient even when what God is asking us to do will offend or hurt others or make us uncomfortable or hurt us as well. One thing is for sure that when God calls us to sacrifice something it usually has its conditions and a lot is at stake when we follow through. If we listen God will give us his directives along the way but in his sometimes, detailed instructions, if you are disobedient it is possible to delay the plan he has or have it taken away all together. This may sound scary but the Most High’s love for us is unconditional however the calling that he has for us can change contingent on our choices and behavior. Abraham waited and waited for a son with the woman that he loved and the most High finally opened Sarah’s womb and he begat Isaac. However, the same God that made Abraham wait for years for his blessed son also requested that he sacrifice Isaac to prove his love to God. I always wonder if God in his omniscience only asked that Abraham do this to prove his faithfulness and love to Abraham in return for his obedience more so than to test Abraham’s devotion to Him. God knows it all and he knew that the heart of Abraham was committed to him but in this act of faithfulness all praises were given to the Most High for producing the ram and sending an angel to stop Abraham from killing Isaac. What we learn is that this act of obedience unlocked a huge blessing for Abraham and all of his descendants which is often times the magnitude of what God will have in store for us when he asks us to sacrifice that one thing that we love the most.


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