Do a lot With Your Hour

Do a lot With Your Hour

Lately its been pressed on my heart to think of what we have been doing with our time as people who say we are trying to walk with God. As things change very drastically we have to help each other in ways that can further God’s kingdom right now and not in ways that glorify ourselves. We have all been very committed to working diligently to further our own personal kingdoms but if we were to leave this earth today and God asked what we personally have done to advance his kingdom what could be said? Those of us who are in the body of Christ and have accepted Jesus the Messiah as our lord and savior I am asking that you consider that we are all first called to be spreaders of the gospel and apostles for the Lord. While it is true that we serve God by helping others with their general needs, its more important that we help his people who may not know him hear his words. In this last hour, and truly this is the eleventh hour, we have the responsibility to help bring others out of darkness. It is a task in itself to convince those in the world that they are actually in darkness and then to come out of it and how. I know that coming out of the world means different things to different people, but to God it means one thing and that is be set apart from it.

During this season in all of our lives no matter how old we are it is the season of doing it different, doing it over, discarding it all together and deliverance. We can do so much in this hour we are in, rather the hour is actually an hour or God’s hour, together we can overcome and advance each other a lot but it calls for selflessness and the commitment to doing so. With that said as far as expectations God makes on us it is for us to do it NOW and as far as our expectations on him it is in his time. But we know today isn’t promised to us, you could be here today and gone by the afternoon and it is an arrogant assumption that you can put off seeking your salvation with fear and trembling for another day or to help others to do so. Who told you, you had the weekend? Some of us are aware of our seasons and callings and for those I say step up with haste. It is time to heal each other, correct our offenses, forgive and be forgiven, edify each other, and do the work that results in a peace that accompanies the understanding that no matter what happens to you, you are going to walk with the Lord and while you were here you assisted others in developing that same assurance.

It’s just being real to ask, have you been glorifying God or glorifying you? Have you taught your children about him or do you leave the opportunity open for Satan and his devices to turn them away prematurely? Are you on fire for God, or do you only pray for your food? Do you have a thankful and grateful spirit for the bad things that didn’t happen to you or are you only praying when you need something? For every thing that we say out of our mouths we will have to account for every one of those idle words, and ask did they speak life into others or curses. Have we been handling God’s sons and daughters well or have we been using and abusing them and judging and weighing their value off of the scales of the world? I did not want to preach at all but I had to get this word out only to evoke contemplation and the actions that are required of those of us who say we are followers of the Messiah and prayerfully this stirs that fire within you where you are lukewarm no longer.

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