Don’t count the Times make it count!

Don’t count the Times make it count!

If there were ever a time in any of our history that we didn’t have time for something it’s now. We don’t have time to still struggle to get it together, to backslide, to become distracted with feeling good, or life or the events taking place in this world. If there were ever a time to press in deeply it’s now. The shift that has been gradually taken place has suddenly took a full sprint in a direction that most of us are unclear we would like it to turn to. But rather we would like it to or not prophecy is just that and there is no getting around the birthing pains that have to be fulfilled. There is food shortages, phenomenal weather patterns, illness and death and just a general malaise about life that we are all battling right now. Even if you experienced breakthroughs it’s something in the air that you sense with an extra sensory ability that lets us all know we are about to take a drastic turn. If the Most high has led you to your purpose please actively engage in fulfilling that purpose. I know we work and have responsibilities but even I have to fight to keep at my purpose because of course we are being fought not to and the enemy is trying his best to distract us away from that calling. Understand that no matter the gift, God will make a way for you to use it just remember to be a willing vessel. This is not the time to be afraid to talk about Yeshua because “ we are at work” or you don’t want to force your views. Yah always finds a way to set up opportunities for you to speak on him and minister to his people. What’s important right now is souls not how you will look or how you will be received. Consider it this way, if you are a believer with a calling that you have been made aware of, this means that when you see someone is error or darkness and you don’t try your best to fish for them and edify them, then their blood is on your hands because I’m sure God equipped you to win souls with your gift. Rather you are an intercessor, minister, teacher, scribe etc. or you have a testimony that you refuse to speak about this is what you have to have time for right now. In the days of Noah they were enjoying their days and Noah was building until on one very average day it began to rain and they world as they knew it was changed forever. As we find ourselves back to the past do not let God find you busying yourself with things that don’t matter and please understand I am speaking to myself as well. Examine yourself, your family, your circles and make sure that who you commune with keeps you on task and is not a vessel of chaos for you to be distracted away what God has called you to do. It is hard to stay the course and it’s a narrow one but stay in a state of perpetual humility and repentance. We don’t have time to still linger on in a state of figuring it out, or “needing more information” or God knows my heart we have to make our choice on who we will serve today and do it and remain steadfast and fixed in that position. We never want him to ask us why we did not speak on him or use our influence to serve his kingdom or worse that he never knew us. Be encouraged through the storms and no matter what don’t fold. If you are struggling to know what move to make don’t move stand still and wait on God. Stand on what you know to be the truth no matter what. In the end the truth that is the word will be all you have to fight with and you will win against an already defeated foe. Time is counting down guys…Shalom

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  1. Erin Jones-Booth says:

    I just told a colleague that people are under the mis-assumption that there is time. A well written word and right to the point. The time is now. 🙏🏽

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