God will send a helping hand just get back up

God will send a helping hand just get back up

I know it’s a drought out here and many things seem to be void of true love and authenticity. Many are turning away from the Most High totally handing themselves over to Satan while the people of God are struggling to stay spirit filled interacting with the rest of the world. There are seasons where we as believers feel the move of God in every area of our lives and then it seems like He gets quiet on us.

Sometimes you don’t notice the quiet when you are busy enjoying his blessings upon your life but then there are those times when you don’t hear a word on a matter and your spirit grows weary. As we all are running in this marathon of enduring to the end the battle we seem to fight the most is the one in our minds. Being on lockdown, the isolation, feeling abandoned, many of the rest of the world just wants things to go back to normal but the believer knows we are being catapulted to a time where there never will be a going back to what was normal and why should it be?

In the normalcy was when we thrived in our slumber and there is nothing good about being asleep when the world is in a war but an invisible enemy and you don’t know it. I’m encouraging you to focus on Christ right now and to seek the Most High’s face diligently. I know the enemy is sending you counterfeit people, jobs, monitoring spirits, confusion and is attempting to overwhelm you with fear.

Be aware but don’t be taken over by what is going on in the world. Prepare as He leads you to for what is headed and trust that in his silence He is working. Stay strong and encouraged and ask God to keep your mind covered. Plead the blood of Jesus over yourselves and use all the tools that God has given us to overcome the enemy. God thrives in our testimony, and fasting, binding the strongman responsible for any afflictions, worship and praise and asking God to send intercessors will help when you get weary. I pray this message finds you in the spirit of a warrior and if you got weak and almost fainted I pray you get back up.

2 comments on “God will send a helping hand just get back up

  1. Rena says:

    Hello friend! I’ve enjoyed your msg. Please contact me soon.

  2. Erin says:

    I hadn’t even seen this post until now, and today is the day I needed. I salute your willingness to always be obedient and thank you. Your gift is for such a time as this.

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