Just Because You Don’t Believe

Just Because You Don’t Believe

We all have heard it be said that “Just because you don’t believe in something doesn’t make it any less true” I have heard that said so often and it has become such a real thing for me in my walk with God. I have to be honest, many years ago I wasn’t clear on what I believed in. I can definitely say that I was a person who had to see things first and then maybe, just maybe I would believe. I was a materialist in many ways. When I got paid I always liked to get THINGS” as a tangible representation of what I had been doing with my time. After years of foolish spending and depression shopping which yes without God life gets pretty bleak, I started to hear Him calling me to pull me out of the world. My faith was really tested then because faith works the entire opposite of how I had been taught to do things. Faith and the way of God was totally depart from my own ideologies, funny right as if I created myself… the nerve of me to have any ideology void of God.

I would say I was an interesting case because like many so called African Americans who believed themselves to be “Woke” I believed the bible to be the work of the slave master, merely a tool used to manipulate the minds of blacks and to keep us in a state of constant mental bondage. Boy was I wrong. Prior to now, the more I argued with “Christians” I became so much more self righteous because I believed their lack of understanding, and their foolish tithings to be proof of the effective manipulation of slavery and the religious backing of the bible for that sole purpose only. After reading the bible, more specifically, reviewing Deuteronomy Chapter 28 and after searching for its “missing” books did I realize the bible is a big black history lesson. I was totally ignorant of the truths of the bible and how much Christians and the “Conscious Community” alike have both arguably equal delusions.

God definitely had his plan for me and my toxic African Pride. “Pride goeth before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall” Proverbs 16:8 and only the Most High knows my battle with those two spirits and all their little cousins for that matter. I learned that all Pride, black, white, gay, you name it is not of God. Upon further study, the more I tried to explain it was a book of the White man the blacker the book became, and the blacker the book became the more the pride I had of being an awake African American with black pride diminished. I realized I only knew a forth of the story and that I lived my life based off my truths that consisted of only a fourth of the information even though I was always searching for understanding and meaning reading books, and ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth 2 Timothy 3:7. That scripture was about me and Oh have I come such a long way with my foot in my mouth.

Yes the most High’s chosen people are what the world calls black or negro or whatever other by word previously assigned and in captivity right now so obviously at the bottom of the totem pole. Here’s to real Jews right who the book of Revelation tells us the state that they would be in the last days “ I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews and are not but are the synagogue of Satan” Revelation 2:9. While the Most High’s Chosen are in bondage, for some knowingly and others ignorantly bliss there is a lesson in this for all of us.

It’s important because had they obeyed the whole world would not be in shambles as the book was for them first to follow and then the laws were to be given to the gentiles as oddly enough that one nation impacts the entire world. The Most High did not want his chosen mixing with the other nations because he felt that they would pull them away from Him and this all has proven to be true.

Pride going before destruction is true for everything even those of us who are now awaken on who we truly are it is not to have pride because of that but to be humbled by the experience that the nation had to endure as a result of our ancestors disobedience, selling people for sandals, and a lot of other ungodly things that were done as to why the Most High felt a 400 year brutal and heinous captivity was called for. Israel had no respect for God, nor his laws, his creations or his command for Israel to be respectfully set apart and the divine blessing that is to be chosen and to act as such.

I’m not here to make it a race thing because its not. It is actually a nation thing to be more accurate, which is truly not the same. But overall I know it sounds cliché and corny but this really is a good vs. evil thing, as good and evil have many colors. God is wonderful and all of his creations are as well and all did he create for his purposes both good and evil. It truly is not our business how God handles his creations, including angels both fallen and un-fallen, but it is our business to make sure that what we choose to be in alignment with his will for us and that he is considered in our choices, ALL OF THEM. I point out this fact because we should all learn a lesson on how we treat and handle each other rather we know who is who or not, the chosen and the rest of the world despite of it all. The value of a person cannot be defined by any earthly ruler so don’t waste your time trying to measure worth based on that construct. If it meant something to Yah to create it than who are we to act in a way outside of what he instructed us to do with any and all of his creations. If we ALL commit to following Him and not ourselves and lean not to our own understanding only then would the world be as it should.


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  1. Bianca says:

    I think people are so woke they are sleep. True spiritual awakening definitely comes from knowing the power of God, pursuing your purpose in his kingdom and being in His will. Too often people read the Bible just to discredit – completely missing its validity and necessity.

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