Love THAT Neighbor

Love THAT Neighbor

I love my neighbor! No I actually do she’s always helpful and considerate and has a really cute dog. But if I say I love my neighbor and she’s cool and down to earth what reward is that she’s easy. But what about that other neighbor, the one who is inconsiderate who never speaks and has concerts at 3 am because it’s his peak time 🙃. Or that neighbor Tom who is waiting for the opportunity you get caught slipping and leave your blinds open. Or the prejudice neighbor who says you don’t belong here because she just doesn’t understand you hair (true story) Whatever the “unfriendly” in your neighbor love them anyway, you are all under the same principality and have been studied for your destruction.

No one ever said that to you have they? But times will show that we are all dealing with something. Some unforeseen force that has us all navigating through the waves in an ocean called life. Some of us are on a little boat and have two paddles and a life jacket, others have one paddle no life jacket and some of us were just thrown in the ocean no boat, no paddle no life jacket and are learning how to swim from trying not drown by default; barely surviving shark bites and sting rays. Those things mentioned are different kinds of trials we are battling spiritually and for different reasons. The spirits behind them focuses on what will “work” on us and our lack of knowledge makes us a quick study and easy prey.

Whatever your lot, what we all seem to be guilty of is judging how other people should be able to respond to these trials that again start in the spirit. But guess what.. what one may have been built for is for their calling and for your calling a different structure. It is easy to say how someone else should end up based upon what we see on the surface. But one thing is for certain you are where you are amongst those neighbors with a purpose. It is only you who will decide how you handle that purpose.

As believers we have read of the many principalities Daniel was up against one demonic Prince after another that were assigned to his territory. So much so that one of Gods angels was bound to prevent a message from being delivered not a baby but a prophetic word ( Daniel 10:13). Having said that our world to date is fashioned in the same way yet larger territories, more principalities and industries that they govern and a more wicked generation they are infiltrating. This is the real PANdemic the spiritual deaths we saw before corona.

Just because you don’t see the struggle of your neighbor don’t assume that they don’t exist. I sit in Texas and I know that many have had to lean on people that they have seen come and go and never thought to say one word to them. Through these emergency events many have found that any difference that may have existed prior or potential difference has either dissolved or the opposite, as the world grows colder so do the people and every man is for himself.

I’m saying don’t be THAT neighbor one who only shows up because you need help. That neighbor who when you could so much as offer a hello you wouldn’t. That selfish neighbor who thinks only of himself because he feels as though in order for him to survive someone else has to lose. For believers no matter the devastation because trust, more is coming; treat every neighbor as a son or daughter of God even if they do not exhibit those behaviors. Again we are all wrestling against spirit beings, generational demons and a slew of other spiritual issues and as believers of all people we have to show in our actions that we believe this and this can be seen more in how we treat strangers than how we treat others we love and are comfortable with. If we understand the magnitude of the level of warfare of Daniel battling the principalities he did when the nations were smaller how much more now to those who have no idea what is going on? You have to give the neighbor that much more consideration because you know something they don’t and love them just as much as you would love yourself. Matthew 22:39 KJV

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  1. Erin Jones-Booth says:

    Beautifully said! Its so easy to discount people or judge their situation without considering the why. Thanks for this gentle reminder Sister 🙌🏽❤

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