Remember a Good Witch is still a WITCH

Remember a Good Witch is still a WITCH

A part of end times signs is the witchcraft that the world would experience. The more obvious are the pagans, the crystals, the candle magic just to speak on a few. At some point many of us were ignorant to even those signs of witchcraft but what I want to focus on is the covert “Christian” witch. This one has gotten me at least a good three times. Particularly when you are about to enter into a new season or chapter in your life as a believer you are bound to have one in your midst.

If you have been walking in faith for a while, building and utilizing your gifts there is always that “friendly” person who initially seems like a God send to help you with something you are struggling with. It can be encouragement, some knowledge you didn’t have, financially etc. But one thing about the enemy when the time is right he will strike and it’s only a matter of time before he shows his hand and the people he has been operating through.

We are not wrestling with flesh and blood so keep that top of mind. These people have open doors Satan can use to get to you. If you are putting on your armor a lot of these situations can be avoided but if you slip and take a few days off, you won’t be as sharp. The next thing you know you have allowed someone to get next to you that the enemy is working through all in the name of being “helpful”.

I noticed patterns lately of people I know including myself going through repetitive cycles with so called “believers” who some were presented to us as seasoned believers. I would not expect that they ultimately came to bring gossip, slander, jealousy, and envy to pervert our heart postures. You may not have recognized this right away but after some time you will find yourself repeating the same things to these people over and over, feeling a nudging in your spirit to detach from them or even defending the same word that these people claim to know and read.

Satan knows he cannot come to you the way he used to when you were of the world so he presents an angel of light to you that really isn’t listening for edification or there to be transformed. These people are there to transform you and the longer you let them tag along you will experience the same seasons of setbacks and delays and impoverished mindsets that they have if you are not careful. What I began to notice is that these people all had a similar quality, they would always want me to come into agreement with justifying things that specifically were not anti God but anti Christ.

Some may say well what’s the difference. Well it’s a big difference. For example, the religious spirit that has been going around is an old one. It is the same spirit that sought to keep control when Yahshua was in his ministry. The Pharisees despised the new thing that God was doing through his son even though they were aware of a coming messiah, and were aware of the miracles of the laws of the Most High given to their lineage directly. The Old Testament was a representation of where the law had failed as it was written from the flesh, before we had access to the Holy Spirit and the power and ability to cast out devils. Jesus was the manifestation of the new thing God was doing. The Pharisees however wanted to cling to the law, not to deal justly but to use it as a weapon against Jesus himself and others. The Pharisees were the biblical “witch hunters” who themselves operated out of control and witchcraft using the law to curse and condemn and not to bless as Christ would have it.

You see this when presenting Jesus with these “questions” that were not asked for clarity but to trip Yahshua up. This same religious spirit is sent to do the same thing to us to shoot arrows of perversion to our hearts and most of the time those with this spirit don’t even realize it. When using the law to weaponize and not edify others who we as believers and followers of Christ have been called to pray for and bring in the fold, we swap out discipleship for witchcraft.

Let me explain. At it very lowest base operations, witchcraft is manipulation and the bending of a will. It’s what “do what thou wilt” and don’t consider the Most High God looks like. Well when we wish harm to other people or pray prayers that hope for evil to be done to other people we are saying to God it does not matter to me what the will you have for this persons life I want them to pay. I am rebelling against and not considering your will for them but that of my own will. For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because thou hast rejected the word of the Lord, he hath also rejected thee from being king (1 Sam 15:23). When you reject Gods Word which is his son and his teaching and the new things that he did, He will reject you.

God had specific tasks for the people of the Old Testament. Such as not suffering a witch to live. Ironically this is a trending concept to send curses to those who curse because multiple people have asked me can a Believer curse those who curse them. Now it distinctly says in the New Testament to Bless those who curse you and to pray for those who despitefully use you (Matt. 5 Verses 43 to 47). For those who read the Bible I didn’t understand needing to ask this question, until I thought about it, those who I see are operating out of rejection, envy and bitterness are operating out of the same spirit the practicing witch operates out of when she curses and then I understood the concept of a “Christian witch”.

If cursing those who hurt you is not justifiable when the witch of the world is doing this what makes the believer who does this set apart from what the world is doing? Bending wills and cursing people. The witchcraft that we see that has developed to this magnitude often began in a rejected and disappointed soul. Someone who waited for things to turn around and it didn’t happen or didn’t happen fast enough and when things didn’t that person took matters into their own hands. This person was probably used, abused, embittered, rejected, and cursed to not know who the Father was before they had a chance to dabble in these practices. But as their are many a witch entering into witchcraft there are many more being called out of witchcraft by The Most High as well, their testimonies have been life altering and brought many souls to Christ surprisingly to most.

By no means am I condoning witchcraft, but what I am condoning is allowing Christ to do a work in people separate from those who have turned away from sin yet speak curses over others while they are in their separation from God. What separates the Christian witch from the in the world witch in my opinion is season and lack of correction but not much more. Again at the base level of witchcraft is manipulation and the bending of wills. There is not a justifiable reason to curse others period just like their is not a difference between a good witch and a bad one a Good witch is still a witch bending wills as she pleases in the name of what he or she feels to be a good idea. But Christ told us what a good idea was when he came to perfect the law and that was to bless those who curse us and to pray for our enemies.

God said Yahshua was his son in whom He was well pleased. Does anyone believe that God changed his mind about that when He allowed his son to show us a perfected way? I sure do not think so. In our limitations as human beings we are not capable of thinking or orchestrating things like The Most High is so we should not expect to know another persons fate or what the Most High plans for their lives. We definitely should not wish death or destruction to anyone that God potentially plans to use to bring others out.

We all have to ask ourselves when we operate from a bitter and mouth curse place…. Whose side are you working for? A prayer from a repentant witch is a win in the battle of souls for the army of God. Are you fighting to win souls for God or are you fighting to feed your flesh wishing harm to other people in the name of the Most High God smh?

The same marriage you are hoping fails because the husband once wronged you in your past, understand there is a dedicated demon operating through a witch praying spells and word curses for that marriage to fail also and you have willingly came into agreement with an intentional witch all the while being the unintentional one. That person struggling to get it right probably does not hold a grudge against you while you are praying for their downfall because they offended you.

You are in the world and not of the world and God calls us to to walk a completely different narrow path and to apply his word. It is my prayer for you that if you have operated in this spirit repent and accept the correction.

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