Single for Purpose

Single for Purpose

One of my single homegirls and I talk about how we want to reach women in the mud. Might be offensive to some but only those who have actually been in the mud understand that value of someone testifying of having been washed clean from it. It’s a process that can make you feel like you barely escaped death, be it death to the spirit and soul or death to the spirit, soul and body. Either way it’s nothing like being in the mud, escaping it and being a living testimony to help others.

Previously I can recall feeling so low in my spirit I had no idea what life was like without heaviness until now. I mean if you can imagine living your whole life under a dark cloud others just didn’t seem to ever walk under but here you are your cloud is steadfast and seemingly a permanent fixture that refuses to leave. It also seemed that to add insult to injury some people can’t even empathize with your series of bad life experiences that seem to just chase you relentlessly that you can probably attest to not even being contributor of. Some of us know very well how we got there, under that cloud that is and others like myself initially, were clueless.

The truth of the matter is, the Most High will always send you an escape route from darkness but the only barrier all of the time is you. There is never anything standing in the way of your breakthrough and connection to God but you. It doesn’t matter how deep your feet are planted in spiritual mud or how long they have been there for that matter, he always gives us an opportunity to be free. The only issue is some of us have become so comfortable in our bondages and familiar with darkness to where we don’t even recognize it’s existence.

So far in my season of singleness I have had the Holy Spirit minister to me in such an unexplainable way to where I don’t even understand in my logic how I got here. But I have to remind myself there is no logic with the Most High, He is a spirit and spiritual things almost always defy logic. What I can say is for my single friends who may feel left out or discouraged is that there was no way I could be where I am today had I not been isolated and what complicated this process was my perspective. As of today, no matter how much I desired marriage in the past I have come to appreciate my season of singleness because it has been such an overflow of purpose and breaking of chains. In fact it has been so soul shaking, had it not been for my season of connection and pruning I can confidently say I would have had a failed marriage that I with confidence could have singlehandedly destroyed due to lack of knowledge of unwanted spiritual attachments that only God knew was there. Had I not been called away to solidarity with the Most High other people’s lives may have been affected. But while I was alone you could not have convinced me of that I didn’t think I was significant.

In this season I had no distractions to learn what I needed to and my season of singleness has been one that has glorified my father in heaven and has also been one that qualified me to speak to you in this way. I wasn’t qualified while in the world but while having been rooted in the the Most High used my singleness for His multifaceted purpose and snatched me out of it. My feeling of isolation from my friends or previous romantic attachments that initially felt like bondage may now benefit others whose names I may never know and that brings joy to my heart.

God in his infinite wisdom had a plan for you, my reader even when I thought I was not useful, worthless, purposeless and a plethora of other lies from Satan that just panned out to be his standard means to attack who we are and what we mean to God; My God still had a plan to use me and to reach you and whomever else may read my words. Even in the midst of your feelings of rejection, or not feeling worthy of Him or even people for that matter He has a plan perfectly crafted for you. It is during this season of solitude He can do a work in you without the interference of onlookers. Notwithstanding it is in your alone time with Him that He will hold back somethings that may even be good for you until your full spiritual maturity so you won’t let dead things kill the newness He will bring to you in due season.

I’m encouraging you to change how you perceive aloneness as an opportunity to embrace His call to build a relationship with Him. The Most High Himself is the ultimate gift, it could never solely be that new marriage or relationship, that new baby, that job or business, that ministry or that calling as all of these things while beautiful gifts are temporal, yet His desire to free us and love us is eternal. God himself could never be limited and I encourage you to keep that in mind as you grow weary for the lack of any of these things that have a short shelf life. If he pulled you out into isolation to chastise and remove your blemishes it means you are one of His and his goal is your salvation and righteousness. For the Lord God is a sun and shield; the Lord will give grace and glory; no good thing will He withhold from them that walk uprightly. Psalms 84:11.

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