Slaying dragons for loaves of bread

Slaying dragons for loaves of bread

Right now everyone everywhere seems to be getting married and for those single women who are hoping for marriage this can be discouraging if you have been waiting on your turn for a long time. What I have noticed is that many have went to the extent of seeking out witchcraft and divination and tarot for marital advice or assistance to gain partners. Far more interesting is the influx of “kingdom marriage ministries” on YouTube.

Specifically these YouTube marriage prophets can be confusing because we are all witnessing marriages so yes of course the Most High is doing it but we are not hearing a lot of repentance and breaking soul tie language from these prophets. I’m not calling them false prophets BUT be careful that these prophetic words in excess don’t tempt you to make that same desire that God has actually given to you cause you to make marriage an idol because you are feeling left out. For the believers Satan knows he can not get you to practice magic and so we know better than to go to dark arts and divination for anything. But you would be surprised the majority of the world right now does not know to not do this. Nor do those who are victims of romantic driven witchcraft understand what has happened to them as a result of it and why it could work on them but I digress. I’m only mentioning that to display the desperation and the strategy of the enemy on believing men and women of God.

Anyway, instead of becoming obsessed with the gift and not the gift giver or discouraged with deferred hope be productive in your season. If the Most High did in fact give you a marriage promise then do the best thing you could ever do for yourself and potential mate and that is seek God’s face. Let him break anything that would destroy the marriage you so desire and proceed to slay your dragons and understand that those kingdom marriage prophets who, even if they are all true prophets only know in part but the Most High knows your end from your beginning.

Now in application what does slaying your dragons mean or what does it entail? Well it implies that most of us, myself included who have been out in the world or who have had parents and grandparents who were at some point in time collected some unwanted followers. Some of their names are oaths, trauma, curses, soul ties, idols, pride and a host of other related and seemingly unrelated demons that the old serpent has been using to keep us bound.

In fact for most of us it has been those very unwanted attachments that have delayed us, sent us down diverse paths, has had us drawn to unreasonable partnerships, is the reason we ghost people or have been ghosted and these are all marriage and destiny killers. Not only do they kill marriages or prevent them from ever starting but they are there to enhance your destruction and that of your children and grandchildren.

Do you ever find yourself in unbelievable situations always fighting very hard for something small. In my ignorance, I always perceived myself to be slaying dragons for loaves of bread. Literally that’s how difficult everything always was to attain and keep for myself. Later when I came to the knowledge of the truth I realized that two things were happening, my roots were polluted with curses and oaths and a multitude of spiritual bondage and that when I would be delivered and find my calling that part of my ministry was specifically to help others seek deliverance and to repent. As small as that sounds it is a huge undertaking and this is why I was fought so hard in life. I did not understand this type of calling is a huge threat to the kingdom of darkness until I got in it. Their strategic plan from my earliest beginnings was to frustrate me into a spiritual suicide or a literal one to prevent these very blogs you are reading today.

Well all praises to the Most High God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the enemy was defeated at the cross and was reminded of his loss while in my backyard. Understand we all have our spiritual clocks of awakening set on different times but as we all do those who have awaken have a task to spread the gospel of good news and gain souls for the Christ’s Kingdom. We are all ambassadors for Christ and if we aren’t we may be sleeping on the job or distracted by our desires.

Yes there are prophets going around saying repent because the Kingdom is in fact at hand and those prophets are on task. But because God is jealous and wants you to himself I am not sure how pleased He would be seeing His children worship his gifts and not Him as gift giver. Of course He will give you the desires he put in you but not the idols of your heart. So let’s get you together reader. Are you so focused on a Kingdom marriage that you neglected to ask God what was your God-given assignment and fulfill that first? Has the youtube prophetic word been your guide or has the Most High been your source of confirmation? Have you become self centered and only sought God out for the plans of your life that you had in mind without asking were they in his will or how your plans could help others?

Better yet have you sought out the Most High for his guidance or correction so he could prune you of all the things that stand in the way of his approval? If not I am here to encourage you to start there. The prophetic word of the feel good message and promise of kingdom marriage won’t do anything more than tickle your ear if you have demons keeping you bound or curses you have not broken or generational oaths hanging over your head.

I’m not here to be a dream killer but to encourage you to purge your roots and seek God first and everything shall be added unto you (Matthew 6:33). Father knows best right…. and the Most High knows what path you need to choose but it is up to you to seek his clarity, and be obedient and to know that at the appointed time He will give you the heart that can sustain a marriage or whatever else you may be praying for.

Perhaps there is a reason for the comparable fight of slaying dragons for a loaf of bread and the only one who knows why is the Most High. Repent for your sins, break your curses and fast and pray for your deliverance. Trust me I’ve been there with the loneliness and a set apart life necessary for the process. I’ve seen the friends who were there when they needed you to pray and wage war for their blessings only to leave you when they got their breakthroughs, leaving you to feel like they were more of assignments than friends.

As the Most High will put you alone so you can encounter Him the enemy will use this isolation to tempt you to idolize companionship. How do you overcome this? You overcome by being happy for your friends and family who were blessed before you and stay the course. You thank God for using you to bring his sheep to repent. You study the word so you can undertake your battles confidently. You forgive your friends and know that the lack of longevity is always for your closeness to God. So friends, work on your own backyard and I promise you will be so consumed by the knowledge and assignment He gives you that when the blessings come you will realize how much you were fulfilled by God alone and that makes his gifts so much more enjoyable. Be encouraged to endure Saints! Shalom💛

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