Spirit Conjuring: Masturbation

Spirit Conjuring: Masturbation

Spirit Conjuring: Masturbation

Masturbation has become a really a tough topic, and I say that because I have noticed that of all people it has been the pastors that have been misleading their congregation about masturbation. Unfortunately a lot of the members of the pulpits across the nation have been providing a false teaching that it is better to masturbate than to burn with passion and commit fornication. Masturbation in the eyes of some is not depicted as sexual intercourse because it does not physically involve another human being, so it is promoted as harmless but this is so far from the truth. Rather the intention is deception or lack of awareness, this topic has to be exposed because this act in particular is leading the church so far astray from God and his assignments for their lives. When people engage in pleasuring themselves they are literally using their body as a human Ouija board. What is happening spiritually is no small matter but of a huge concern because rather it is explained in detail or not at all and rather we would like to accept this or not this act produces environments that call for deep deliverance. The fear of demons that accompanies a lot of these so called “spiritual leaders” has them avoiding issues that stir the spirit rather than confront them. Masturbation and demoniacs is just a heavy topic that many are afraid of and fear is much of the driving force behind the current lack of knowledge in believers. It takes courage to address the uncomfortable, because we know that in purging God makes us uncomfortable and the pastors don’t discuss what will rattle the spirit very often and as a result many are in bondages that only the grace of God can pull them out of the due to the misguidance of the leaders.

Masturbation is sex with demons period. There is not a gentle way of saying this and it shouldn’t be. Masturbation in its action is the result of the inability to cast down evil imaginations. Satan is always lurking, never taking a day off and when we entertain the thoughts of the enemy we are welcoming him and his legion of demons and darkness to steal from and kill us. Fantasy is simply not of God. He will not want you to be carried away with any illusion, because you will be too busy pleasuring the flesh to do the work he has called you to do. I have heard it said by many that they were unable to sleep without masturbating and if they felt restless it was how they obtained sleep or peace, but do you notice how crafty the enemy is because right before your eyes he has turned you into an idolater because in the eyes of the Most High whatever you put in place of him to find peace becomes your idol simply put. In place of prayer and worship is false comfort of devils.

Do you know why you are able to pleasure yourself better than someone else for those who are not virgins? Sorry to break it to you but you are simply not alone when you engage in this activity that’s why frankly speaking when you come to orgasm it “hits so hard”. The spirit realm is invisible to the eyes but you can feel the energy, you feel the spirits of lust, anger, anxiety, fear and this is no different. The spirit of darkness always sends many never just one and the goal is to overwhelm you with demons so that you cannot perform your kingdom assignment. The distractions of pleasure cause you to create a situation now where in your future, your spouse will be unable to satisfy you and if ever you are able to be presented with a potential spouse the demons will dangle and tempt you away with pleasures so that you cannot ever move forward with that person and it will always be an issue.

What is often misunderstood is how the enemy works, and if by God’s grace he does not allow Satan to kill you he will allow Satan to steal blessings from you because Satan cannot do anything without God’s permission and this should make you inquire of God’s approval of your involvements. So one would have to ask themselves, why they are experiencing stagnancy, relational upsets, loses in finances, failure before breakthroughs, blessings slipping through the hands, or having sex in dreams and allow God to expose the works of darkness. God cannot bless what is defiled, and we are to commit our bodies as living sacrifices to the Most High, which is impossible to do in this way. Sexual experiences are for those married and in a three party relationship with God not in a covenant with Satan.

In the book of Genesis it explains how one of the sons of Judah “spilled his seed” because he did not want have a son on behalf of his dead brother and the Most High killed him for this (Genesis 38:9-10). Rather one would argue that he killed him for his disobedience to his father Judah who commanded that he carry the lineage on behalf of his brother and he did not or if he was killed because he spilled his seed, it makes me wonder how often is God upset with men who pride themselves on how strong their “pullout game” is. In humility I know my God’s destroy you game is even stronger so we must not continue to upset the Most High by entertaining the demonic that he sent his only begotten son to set us free from.

Masturbation is covenantal sex with demons, that is why you are lured in your dreams and you wake as though something happened, because it did. Society has reduced the knowledge that we used to have about the spirit realm and minimized the teaching of the influence of malevolent beings and what the dream world actually is. Our dream world is the spirit realm and so our spirit becomes most active during this time and so yes you can commit offenses this way also. Our dreams are a reflection of our spiritual surroundings and when you masturbate entities are present and dwelling with you waiting on your yes. Behind the face of the spirit of Masturbation is a bag of destruction you just can’t see, which is why tempting works because if you knew that there is a breakthrough ahead for you and masturbation was obstructing it, it would be a no brainer not to engage. Satan’s strong point is to play on your logic and keep you pointing the finger at everything else but his presence. After he blinds you to his handy work the goal is to get you to question God and why he has not shown up for you. Satan tempts you to commit fornication in any avenue he can ultimately accusing you to God with the offenses you have committed so that he can lawfully block your breakthrough. This is how he steals from us and with enough repetitive losses the hope deferred ultimately destroys us.

Many desire marriage and true Godly companionship because it was God who put the desire in the heart to begin with yet will not be able to receive or keep the opportunity because either one or both parties are in spiritual bondages that delay the blessing. Think about it, what good will it do to God to put marriage in your heart and then to not deliver it to you?  Most of the time it is our involvements that are standing in the way and delayed until you can get it together. God has stressed to us that we are not wrestling against flesh and blood but against spirits and powers in high places (Ephesians 6:12) and the spirits behind masturbation do in fact come from a very high place. I have come to learn you can fast and pray and cry out to God if you want but he will not hear you because repetitive sin and the inability to repent and flee from your prior ways keeps God turning his face. He may gracefully keep you alive long enough to repent but a blessed life you will be far from. Take no more thought on this and make your yes be yes or your no be no and choose who you will go into covenant with while the choice is still available.. the kingdom of light or the kingdom of darkness and God will receive you. Only with repentance and a humble heart will you ever be able to reclaim the blessings that the enemy has stolen away.

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and will heal their land” (2 Chronicles 7:14)

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