Strange fruit

Strange fruit

A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.

All my life I had to fight…. Sounds like a line from a movie right? Though I was no big fan of The Color Purple, I can identify with the notion of fighting my whole life for something or against something I should say. A career path, a promotion, a relationship, to leave a city, an argument that went too far, a hater at the job, everything always as happenstance and by second nature came as a fight for me. I’m not the only one that can say this by far but for some time, growing up I was the only one in my circle that experienced what we all considered to be “strange circumstances”.

I would love to say as an adult I gained clarity but that would be a lie. I’ve been an adult for a minute and my why didn’t come to me until recently when I finally had the gumption to inquire of my life to someone who was ultimately a stranger to me at the time and that was the Most High. I was used to chaos following me around. I felt like I had my own personal storm cloud that went ahead of my every move. At some point I just accepted it as life. It never occurred to me that even in my earliest memory there were things around me that had a cause beyond my human understanding and limitations. I noticed something seemed off, but never could quite figure it out before my inquisition with God.

I would self medicate with things, or people or vices to distract my attention from something that I could sense that lurked under the surface. Something was hidden from my eyes yet it’s presence was very loud in my senses and through its destruction and its patterns it made its presence in my family known to me rather I wanted to see it or not. What I didn’t understand was that my vices were also furthering the perpetual bondage I had already been in since before I crossed the womb but I just didn’t know it nor did I understand what I was looking at.

From my gene pool, sprouted up a corrupt tree because I produced absolutely no good fruit if any fruit at all. What I did produce were only things that I in my own understanding thought was good like following the footsteps of my grandparents or joining a black Greek letter organization, also in error joining a fraternal organization as well. As a result what my efforts produced was always met with contempt, failure, false starts, recurring rejection, missed opportunity’s and a lot of death in my life to many things, relationships, literal deaths and losses, and my products always originated from the work of the flesh and from the error of my understanding.

Godliness was something that I sought out here and there but failed miserably and the reason why….I came from a corrupt tree with tainted roots. All the while, considering myself a good person, who treated people fairly and justly the best way I could for the capacity I had at the time, unbeknown to me I was setting my potential children and grandchildren up for powerful demons who would also be familiar with them and yet these children didn’t even exist yet.

Now with all respect to my ancestors, I speak on them minimally and have extended forgiveness for their ignorance as well as my own. That’s why the whole worship your ancestors is bizarre because here you are paying for their sins but I digress. I’m sure had they known that their sins would open up so many doors that only Yeshua Hamashiach himself could close I’m certain that they would not have made those same decisions that sent their children in spiritual captivity. But just because we are ignorant that doesn’t mean we will be seen as innocent. In the Most High’s loving kindness and mercy he did not allow me to die before I was given revelation that yes the sins of our fathers affect us and by his grace I repented and lived to speak about it. What we do now will affect our children and grand children rather we accept them, love them, hate them, know them, raised them or not.

I was a woman of reason and logic so spiritual things proved to be my shortcoming but not because I was unintelligent but spiritually blind to my behavior and prognosis. Even as a very young person I observed and understood everything had a cause and a solution, however if you have the cause incorrect every solution you come up with will fail to produce “problem solving results”. No matter how hard I tried to correct what I thought was just a bad hand, nothing resolved until I figured out I was bound in the spirit.

I’m writing to promote a thought, as everything I always write is to promote a thought. After I denounced the sorority, and the occult involvement that was really just a repackaged brand of witchcraft that my ancestors in one fashion or another had been involved in, I understood how a familial spirit could bewitch me in repeating a pattern. One person opened up the door for many spirits to infiltrate a whole bloodline for 4 generations. Once the timing on the curse is up, the entities are still there lurking in the environment of the bloodline monitoring you and waiting for the next pawn to tempt to take an oath. (Deuteronomy 5:9 ).

When my great- great grandmother took an OES oath back in the 1800’s, I’m sure she didn’t anticipate curses cast to her descendants 4 generations within and away from her. Not withstanding, when I learned that she did, did I understand how that was affecting me and I foolishly repeated that same transgression. We say this as believers and I even hear this in the demonic new age, on speaking things into existence and emphasis on what we speak, because words are powerful.

I would never believe how powerful they were until I was blessed to have an eye to see. As God is my witness one persons oath bound generations connected to me with poverty, homosexuality, marital delay, suicide, business failure, abortions, imprisonment, wedlock, loveless relationships, baldness, blindness, amputations, fatherlessness, alcoholism, immorality, rape, incest and I unfortunately friends, could keep going if I wanted to I just don’t.

That iniquity could be revisited because I was void of understanding of the ways of God and the laws governing the spirit realm. If I loved him I would keep his commandments. It’s not even rocket science but for me it was. Think about it, we don’t serve a lukewarm God you are either in or out, hot or cold. You either love him and will serve him or if not hate him and follow Satan. The bottom line that’s how God sees our total disregard of Him and his law to not bow down to other gods, take oaths or create strong holds through your behavior. Satan has had at least a 5 thousand year advantage over you to snare you. I didn’t know God, his word and law so it was easy to be taken by Satan due to my lack of knowledge. Which is why it is imperative you teach your children young the way that they should go because Satan doesn’t wait for their maturation to expose them to sin so be mindful of your delay.

I initially considered oaths to not be a salvation issue. But let’s be real with ourselves… bowing down to an idol and pledging your allegiance to it made me an idolater who according to the Word of God, would have guaranteed my spot in the lake of fire had I not repented, but honestly even if it didn’t say that in his word I still felt conflicted with my name in satans little sorority with written proof of my submission while thinking my name would also be written in the Lamb’s book of life just because I had received Christ. Talk about a double mind..

One reason why people have a hard time accepting Christ is because the people who reject Christ are rejecting him because they are demonically bound. Yeshua came to set captives free who were free just walking around and not in or on of prison grounds and so we have to ask ourselves, how were these people captives? Who had them in captivity? Why did there need to be a man born sinless to deliver people from a captivity they could not physically see. We have to consider is it that we are not in captivity or we don’t understand what captivity is and and can’t recognize the bondage that we come to enjoy. If sin at first engagement was as tormenting as its end non of us would sin and so it’s disguised to be enjoyable and as a result, our eyes lack understanding of what we see and so we do not perceive our spiritual condition.

Please understand I am in no position to judge and how can I, I have been in bondage too but I’m finally and unfortunately at the last minute, experiencing freedom so I want to see as many free as I possibly can. But do not be deceived in thinking God is not honoring your oath because he is. He will honor your name in Satans national registries and allow the curses that trickle down as a result to afflict your family all the way down to your infant. I hear people often say God protects fools and babies but for those who hear this saying or apply it to their thinking… where is this scriptural? Are we not seeing babies being gunned down, sex trafficked and dehumanized and sexualized everyday. Do we not see foolish people making decisions that lead to their demise everyday?

It’s time to press in and to sign up to be the chain breaker in your family. It’s time to level up in the spirit and study to show yourself approved. It’s the season to elevate your understanding and to realize that we are without excuse. That pull you feel in your spirit to come out from among them, that’s the Father, Abba speaking that you need to listen to. For many of us it’s been our parents and grandparents that unintentionally have us bound and it’s time to cut the roots. It’s in season to close the doors to the male pattern womanizing that you, your uncles and grandfather have as strong holds. It’s time to cut Jezebel from all the “strong, female heads of households in your bloodline”. It’s cool to follow the Most High and be a woman of God who is submissive and waits. It’s ideal when you can’t figure it out, that the real “God father” is an all knowing creator and not a mere man like your favorite YouTube influencer.
Satan is wearing us out through our ignorance and it’s time to make your inquisition, repent and get the deliverance. Satans time is short and that means yours is too so repent the Kingdom of God is at hand.

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