Testimony of Deliverance by Erin J.

Testimony of Deliverance by Erin J.

I was raised in the church. In fact, both of my parents and 4 of my 7 older siblings are ordained ministers. And there was a time in my life when serving God seemed burdensome. I went to bible studies and women’s meeting because I was “supposed to”, not necessarily because it was how I wanted to be spending my time. I’ve always loved the Lord , but until recently it felt like a chore.
Once out of my parents home, I went to church on Sunday, I said my prayers at night and prayed over my food. I would thank God when he got me out of whatever trouble I had gotten myself into, but that was about the extent of my relationship with Him. There of course was always that nagging feeling that I wasn’t quite right, that something was missing. The Bible spoke about prosperity for those that loved the Lord and I was broke. The Bible spoke about joy if you believed, but I was miserable. What was I doing wrong? Beside the occasional lie…(but who doesn’t lie right?), or the rare fit of anger? What could be keeping me from all that God promised I could have? Well, the Bible also spoke of curses, yokes, and captivity. But I didn’t think those things applied to me, after all I was born again. It wasn’t until I got the revelation of what Spiritual Warfare is that I began to understand why I didn’t have those promises. I was cursed. But God! In his infinite wisdom chose not to treat me as my sins deserved.

I was blessed to discover this truth. Because it is due to a lack of knowledge that we perish. Spiritual Warfare is real. Our fight is NOT against flesh and blood. The actual fight, where we take 100% of our loses is in the fight against principalities, powers in the air and rulers of darkness (Ephesians 6:12)….AKA the devil and his army. Yes, Satan has a whole army (and a kingdom too). Equipt with Generals, and other ranking officers. There are Kings and Princes, all part of a very real regime intent on killing you. But that’s another topic for a different day.
When I learned that Ephesians 6 was not a metaphor, I began to study how to fight back. The answer? Fasting and prayer. Ok, prayer, DUH. But fasting? Who knew that was useful for more than going around telling people you’re fasting? When I tell you, fasting and prayer will change any situation. It will heal your body, bless your finances and your relationships. Through prayer and fasting I have seen mountains moved.
My most recent fast was the longest I’d ever fasted. I fasted and prayed with many things in mind. Notably for a financial increase and a home. About 5 days into the fast, I was blessed with an opportunity to function as a childcare consultant. This has been my DREAM for years and literally a complete stranger, after chatting for maybe 10 minutes, this stranger says to me that she prayed for God to send her the best people with the best hearts and that I was the answer to that prayer. I am currently contacting with her to do about 100 hours of work. The kicker? She is going to pay me what it used to take me all year to make! I wasn’t looking for this! God sent it to me because I believed he would send me a financial breakthrough. As for the home, anyone who has been paying attention knows that the housing market is completely upside down. Homes that could hardly be called anything except matchbook are selling for upward of 150k. A nice house? In a nice neighborhood?

A nice house? In a nice neighborhood? Well that’s going to cost you at least 190k (if you’re lucky and quick on the draw). But just today, in fact about just 30 minutes ago, a woman I know offered me her 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom home for FAR less than what it’s appraised for. Once again, I WAS NOT looking (anymore) and God sent this blessing to me. A whole house. A home for my family with much more room than I even was hoping for. Thats the power of fasting and prayer to fight these spiritual battles. The moral of the story, when we trust Yah he will supply all of your needs.

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