The Feel Good Message Movement

The Feel Good Message Movement

We all love a good message; you know the ones that can pull us right up out of our despair. I am a realist though, always have been and finding optimism is a struggle when you’re a realist. One thing about being a realist is that you will come to appreciate when people are being blunt and honest. If you have a problem you want answers and resolutions that are clear-cut and feel good messages won’t suffice for this type of individual but everyone is not this way. Right now in a time of uncertainty, there are a lot of false prophets giving us the feel good words in abundance. However reality is showing that there is destruction, death and perilous times in our midst. Through all of the terror though, God is still working. We see financial breakthroughs, mass repentance, spiritual conversion and marriages in the making from almost impossible circumstances. So where is the middle ground?

It is hard to be expectant when you see so much devastation, but with so much devastation it’s dangerous to live in a fantasy world as if there is no message being sent by the Most High through these means. One thing I am finding is that people are allowing sin to beat them down so much that even if a word is being sent from God in rebuke for correction so that God can heal them, it is met with discord, rejection and resentment. Yes the earth is unraveling as it is prophesied to and just as EVERY time in the past He is sending His servants to get his lost sheep to repent.

Those who understand the times and accept them also accept that God sends certain people to give the hardcore message to the lost and stiff neck. I myself relate to the prophet Jeremiah all so well. I find myself crying in frustration as I watch many loved ones in position of frogs being boiled, sticking their heads in the sands with their prosperity gospels and removed from reality and some have died unrepentant.

As I do not condone anger, I try my best to not come into agreement with that spirit of anger. It seems as though it only creeps up when you are not sent to deliver the feel good message to the “itching ear” that wont adhere to sound doctrine (2 Timothy 4:1-4 KJV). Right now I am actually encouraging myself, and any others who know they are also sent to deliver unpleasant messages. Do not throw the tablets as Moses did, but I can’t say I blame you for weeping just as Jeremiah was also infamous for. I fully understand why you would bang your head on the wall and pull your hair out while doing so. But just don’t. This part is the ugly part. Some of us were praying thinking we were a Ruth but unbeknown to us we were a Jeremiah sent to wake up the sheep with messages that were mostly never pleasant and this is not at all what we expected for ourselves.

God was so frustrated with this people that He sent all His prophets to that during the time of Jeremiah, even the Most High himself said do not even pray or intercede for them, as He would not hear them (Jeremiah 7:16). What was the peoples’ response to Jeremiah for not giving fair words to their ears, they stoned Jeremiah to death. Ironically his own people, the same nation he was sent to help killed him. Isn’t it amazing how your own family won’t listen to you, your old friends think you have lost it, the multitude is speaking against you, yet the people who barely know you receive God speaking to them and perceive that He is simply using you as a vessel for the moment; but “your people” have no clue and shoot the message and its messenger.

Yes God is granting deliverance as I said, and He wants us to repent and turn back to him fully in all of our ways. Exposing what is keeping His people in bondage is the way you break free and stay free. I think part of what has been the hardest part in my calling is realizing that because there is so much idolatry in the world that this is how we are all so blind and bound. In my ignorance I used to think that only those who were delusional bowing down to statues were idolaters. Joke was on me. People will fight you tooth and nail and defend the exact thing that has them demonized unaccepting and unbeknown to them. Since idolatry is in such surplus I understand God uprooting so much and so many from the earth despite of how heart wrenching it is. People will hate you for telling them they need deliverance and the method to attain it. When I think about it, I would be afraid if someone said that to me and I was when someone said it.

We are all in this walk together, bound and needing deliverance from the effects of a fallen world so its almost an offense to the messenger because most of us were once blind and in spiritual captivity as they are. As the matured redeemed messenger you come to understand both sides of being bound and being free and evade taking anything personally even if you had to graduate to that position. I am encouraging you to stay strong and patient. Stay focused on the assignment you have been gifted with. Yes gifted with. It is a blessing in itself for God to trust you with something and give you all the tools and gifting’s that you need to perform even if they came to you in an ugly way it is still a blessing. Consider the rejections and accusatory replies as weights, only there to build your spiritual muscles and endurance. Stay in position Saints of God. If you ran with men and they wore you out how can you compete with horses (Jeremiah 12:5 KJV)?

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