The Light Bringer and His Ancient “New Age” Religion

The Light Bringer and His Ancient “New Age” Religion

In the book of Deuteronomy, God warns Israel to not do as the other nations by worshipping other gods so that they would not become ensnared to follow them (Deuteronomy 12:30-31). More important, God is just and does not make us guess. He tells us in details what He will punish for: that we should not make our sons and daughters pass through the fire (child sacrifices), or use divination, an observer of times (astrology/horoscopes), or an enchanter (sorcery/pharmakeia) or a witch, charmer (spell caster/spiritual manipulator), consulter with familiar spirits (ancestral demons) or a wizard, or necromancer (those who worship the dead/ancestors) (Deuteronomy 18 9-12). We find later that He intended to curse Israel if they did this. For the life of us we never can understand why if they were warned with line upon line of curses potentially against them if they were disobedient, did they not listen?

Having said that, part of the reason we see such a fallen world that in error seems to be enjoying its fallen ways is because the presentation of darkness does not seem particularly dark or sinful. In fact on the contrary, these things are presented to us as manifestations of light. By no surprise Satan is described as the “light bringer” yet he fell from Heaven (Isaiah 14:12-14), so this can become confusing to those in darkness who are in search of “the light”. In the earlier stages of my walk this had become extremely deceptive for me because if you are not rooted and consistent in your faith it is easy to become deceived and live a sinful life full of false light. Contingent on the foundation you were brought up in or lack of, this will govern how you live your life and how strong or weak your discernment is.

Satan will meet you at the level you are at and popularly for most, its ignorance. Lucifer has become so good at “dressing up” evil and making evil seem good that many of the deceived are in delusional bliss, happy to believe New age as helpful and like a bad virus darkness is trending. Part of the issue is recognizing what the New age actually is, and well its paganism reintroduced. One thing about pagans, it’s a whole “do whatever I want to do” movement. If Reiki sounds good they say “go for it”, and if color candles does not then that part is discarded. You never really know what pagans believe because they are governed by a demonic doctrine where anything goes.  It is not a one size fits all like the ways of the Most High God of the Bible. As a result of so many open doors, people are having the time of their life while inconspicuously engaged in serious spiritual blindness and warfare posing as love and light. Satan wants you to be a “light bringer” too, so you can fall as he did. As he sends his false light in the world, his light bringers will continue to weave more covenants and threads of evil for themselves and later generations all in the name of feel-good experiences and liberalism so you willingly let the enemy in.

As your intentions sound honorable to honor your ancestors and respect them, it becomes perverted when you pour libations, light candles to invoke their spirits, and call on their names for guidance, slowly becoming a necromancer and so your intentions won’t matter. Did you really have it spelled out to you that you were worshipping the dead in your bloodline? Probably not. Like most of us, these same ancestors you are pouring libations for (pouring out water and liquor to the dead) are the same ancient ancestors who are to blame for our-present day covenantal poverty, failed marriages, barrenness, and a host of other curses and plagues.

Many reject the Messiah of the Bible and welcome in Satan and his snakish Kundalini “Unholy spirit” because it is not presented as gothic but cute; like yoga pants as a daily attire Satan is happy you are seeking your “higher self” as men and women namaste their souls away. What seems to be innocent exercise and breathing techniques is in reality a mask for Old Babylonian spirit conjuring as people blindly use their bodies as portals for spirits to come in and out polluting the environment. In the book of Mark (1:26) an “unclean spirit” is a demon. I find it interesting that the word Spirit in the Greek is pneuma, which means breath or wind. In deliverance it is common to  burp, yawn, or expel gas or an unclean “air” through avenues that require breath or wind to be released from a human being.

Just as crystals are beautiful stones made by God and there is no arguing that, they are not good luck charms but conduits of energy that people are tricked into using to either welcome or repel something. These things continue to be purchased because they work, but not because they are being used in place of casting out devils or prayer but because the enemy uses them to emit not energy but demons to the user. The enemy will continue to give you “power” to keep you in a demonic bondage that you most likely wont recognize.  It is true, there is a supernatural source to your confusion, headaches and nightmares after you accepted “crystal chakra healing” and for the person whom you accepted the gems from.

In regards to Zodiacs, of course you are stubborn and it is perfectly ok, because you accepted Astrology right? Wrong. As example, maybe your mother is who introduced you to your zodiac and say it is Taurus. Well of course because it is your mom you accept what she told you its your mom. Per your research you find that your zodiac sign denotes that this is why you are materialistic, worldly, and stiff-neck and somehow it all makes sense. You went from having no knowledge of anything about it and practically rejecting it in your spirit, to finding yourself an expert in the subject.

For the ignorant of Satan’s devices, you are unknowingly accepting your distance from God. It is contradictory to exhibit the fruit of the spirit while possessing and embracing deadly spirits not character attributes. Instead of turning away from what keeps you at enmity with God, you by way of your zodiac embrace at least one of the deadly sins which you find at least one of these “character traits” (demons) in all zodiacs. One demon is pride, as God says that children of pride are of the devil. So pride essentially is to be fled from, its not a feeling but a spirit that you need to be delivered from.

This is why God says to not learn the way of the pagans and the heathen and astrology is far from new. Again it is an old ancient Babylonian practice and while we are on the subject of Babylonian practices, as is yoga, chakras, wood and nature worship, karma sutra, tarot, spirit channeling color candles, crystals and ancestral spirits and water spirit worship. It is no wonder the tarot reader seems to have more knowledge about you than a pastor as she seemed to be so familiar with your family and knew the secret between you and your dead sister… Why? Because the
“reader” (necromancer) possessed a spirit that gave them enough information so that you would accept the spirit whose goal is to torment you, keep you poor; keep you engaged with fruitless endeavors and a host of other ungodly connections and infirmities. This is why we see the great falling away. Our trust and inquisition is no longer of the God of Abraham but of devils and their demonic doctrines. No longer do we worship God but we worship ourselves and our desires and our intentions and our manifestations. What a perilous time to be alive.

What people have to understand is that you can “manifest” yourself right out of God’s intended will for your life and because He gives us free will He will honor your decisions and the covenants you make for yourself good or bad. “Mindfulness” and other New-Age catch phrases need to be more examined because as it seems like it’s working for Oprah and Joyce Meyer doesn’t mean it is of God.  All of the admirable wisdom that comes from Yoruba Priestess and self proclaimed medicine woman Iyanla as she is fixing your life and prays in Jesus’ name after her libations comes along with destructive returns in the end. Something to consider is, why should the wheel be reinvented when it has worked for Lucifer so well? From my harmful experience, I will leave you with a word of advice, please research everything that you involve you and your family in before you engaged and open up a door that will literally be a nightmare to close. Please research all things, Satan in his relentlessness is looking for a soul to snatch today don’t let it be yours. It is not that he is hiding his hand, it’s just that he is distracting you from looking at it.


The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun. Ecclesiastes 1:9



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