The Mythical “High Value Man”

The Mythical “High Value Man”

When I first heard the concept of a “high value man” I was shocked that so many grown adults had come into agreement with this mindset. I am actually not sure of the origin of the concept but I was introduced by a friend to a social media influencer named Kevin Samuels. Now personally as a believer, I’ve learned to not view and judge anything in the natural because it is easy to be deceived if you do. As we have come to understand that we are not wrestling with flesh and blood, it’s always in our best interest to develop the ability to discern spirits.

I can say that I have discovered from hearing Kevin Samuels ideas is that there is a huge number of men and women who do not have an identity in Christ and if they had and were in his word at all they would recognize Mr. Samuels doctrine as against God’s word and quite frankly a cess pool of bad and worldly advice that doesn’t promote taking responsibility of each other like he himself says we need.
One thing is for sure the black community does need guidance even for those in their elder years and without biblical knowledge of identity we are perishing and it’s toll on our relationships concerns me.

Many a believer has expressed a lack of interest of biblical identities of the people of today and their reasonings have mostly been because they don’t believe it to be relevant as God is dealing with all nations and our messiah died to save all people from sin. Now in theory I agree to a certain extent however because I am a part of the modern day true nation of Israel, learning of my biblical identity explained everything to me and transformed my mind. The more I learned about my lost heritage, I shared and I imagine many others who had revelation and share the same lineage did the same and this is what we as black women owe each other… wise counsel.

There is nothing in the Bible from the smallest detail to the largest one that was not written for a greater purpose which is why you can keep going back to scriptures you read a hundred times and the meanings expand. Biblical identity for Israel is key because it explains the many complexities of our nation with a simple explanation; the children of Judah are modern day, currently called African Americans and we went into captivity because we disobeyed The Most High and it’s just that simple. Slavery, the indoctrination of racism and it’s inhumane treatment of black folks never made sense to me because they told us it was based upon skin color while most of the world is brown. However this group of brown people have a misfortune cloud lingering over them everywhere we went and I never understood why until I read Deuteronomy 28 and ultimately got my hands on a 1611 King James Bible. In its fullness you come to understand what we were doing that led the Most High to give us such a harsh punishment that up until now I thought was so cruel and deplorable. However, because the Most High chastises those He loves and set Israel apart I understand as a parent why this type of punishment was necessary and I never in life believed I would ever come to such terms.
This has to be considered when addressing a nation whose identity is concealed from them because speaking from logic just will always help us miss the mark.

While Kevin Samuels is pointing out our flaws and airing them out as a spectacle, what I have gathered from it is our ignorance of biblical connection and his. The proof of our why is in the details and expands on why as black men and women we are at odds with each other and with the world as a whole. The Bible prophesied and explained why everywhere we go we are a reproach and have been made to be the nation of embarrassment.

In Deuteronomy Chapter 28, it is explained that it would in fact be a man that no matter how good he seems to be, he would leave his children so single motherhood was a prophetic curse and as sign of who we are biblically. Yet the single mother is single handedly responsible and accountable for the devastation of the black community alone, I mean according to Mr. Samuels who has often times addressed the black woman and asked what SHE was going to do for her community; the same community she is raising alone in disparaging numbers.

Black women who zoom in to ask Samuels for advice are exploiting themselves as well and sign up to be berated by not just a man who seems as though he is one good caller away from losing it but also one who lacks biblical clarity and if he has some then why isn’t he pointing out our curses and applying his understanding of that here.

I think it’s safe enough to say He himself may not know them and so without this knowledge, the doctrine he has will always like many other ungodly doctrines always fail us. His counsel only produces fornication, arrogance and pride based off of faulty foundations and not facts. Through this falsehoods, we find little reformation and zero repentance that is the most basic requirement the Most High God expects to heal our territory even if the only territory we have is our households.

The same rhetoric that says a High Value Man has options and that his value is most importantly, based on his material wealth and physical endowment, be that even if in samuel’s mind he believes himself to just be stating the obvious, is only leading us to the same destructive behavior that produced baby moms and dads and a fatherless generation of Ahabs and Jezebels.

How long will we allow an “image consultant” and social media influencer or any of these social platformed, worldly and ill advised people to be our influencer and not the God of the Bible. We used to require credentials to qualify someone worthy to be entertained. Somehow the unqualified self proclaimed is telling us what is quality and what is isn’t. But the more I think of what season we are in, the vanity of speech is just a sign of the times and now I’m finding we are only entertaining tickling ear messages even if they speak against humanity.

As the Most High himself says that He is not a respecter of persons then why should we be? Why are we ostracizing any in our own group who has made bad choices that we are now individually trying to correct, yet the “godfather” Kevin Samuels says the single mother is damaged goods and promotes a throw her away mentality he’s pushing while simultaneously stating he wants to help the black community.

Stating that the black man has options that he can or may choose not to explore is true but why not call this behavior what it is, immoral and immature. This is a strategic distraction to delay our God given assignments. Many have stated that in Samuels, they see a man who hates women and is secretly playing for the other team and this may or may not be true.

However what I see here is spirit manipulation, one or many that will work through any gender, working in and projected through a very well dressed and only selectively poised man who habitually speaks from a double mind. My ultimate position is that as he continues to brutally lash black women and lead male souls astray he receives gentle admonishing from both single and married men of God and community intercessory prayer from true believers for the bitterness he exudes.

We have to ask ourselves why is there a platform that not only exists but is successful that promotes the idea that men who are over a certain height, certain tax bracket and those of well endowment fit the standard of “high value” men? Has this what we have been reduced to as human beings where this is what we seek after in companions? Even as it is true that these men are sought after how about advising women to not seek after their husbands and let God led the man to you and accept what he has for us and not for what we have for ourselves. Just as men who are bound in the spirit of confusion, God said he who finds a wife finds a good thing, not he who finds a woman who is a dime, under a certain weight no kids and works is a good thing or she who seeks after a man gets a prize. But no you won’t find that advise in these platforms that’s just too much like God for the masses.

Let’s remember God’s decree for us to take care of the fatherless, the widow and the orphan. What about promoting women to be the Proverbs 31 woman who is more precious than rubies and to aim for higher in themselves. Let’s be intentional when we speak to men and encourage the the Ephesians 5 man who is not a fornicator or whoremonger and has control over his flesh not one whose flesh is exploring his options.

Without Gods word we will continue to throw each other away or pedestal others without conviction. God says with a repentant heart our sins are forgiven and again He is not a respecter of persons and doesn’t look at the outward appearance but the heart yet we are rating each other’s gifts from God from 1 to 10 what ultimate slap in Gods face.

With this doctrine a man will never see a woman worthy of value or a gift from God let alone worthy of commitment. The false ideals of the high value man and not the man of God and of misinforming of women why they are or are not qualified to have a man is a Satanic suggestion . Like Satan we hear a little truth here and there from Kevin Samuels but no absolute truths.

The truth is without God you won’t accomplish much not matter how much you accomplish. This is why women are calling their self proclaimed “god father” for advice after their degrees, beach body, lack of children or gain of and anything else perceived through mans projection has gotten us no where as I have experienced criticism myself equally for not having a child and then having one so clearly it’s a damned if you do and one if you don’t until I got the memo that what qualifies us is God.

The truth is, without biblical understanding of identity and God’s methodology, even if you are not a an Israelite you will always be amiss and lean to our own misunderstandings without God. Those misunderstandings in root are really of the spiritual battle we are in that consists of Satan dividing men and women of God to weaken our ability as a unit to counterattack him as one can kill 1000 and two 10,000 so why would Satan want you to be married you in your covenant are a threat to him.
Kevin Samuel’s promotion of elitism and superiority as standards of value is only fueling the narcissistic personality who measures his worth by his tangibility and none of his character traits because he doesn’t have any. The more he exalts himself the more he becomes less inclined to marry and find favor with God. The man who subscribes to this doctrine not only is void of understanding but is one who most likely needs deliverance from spiritual blindness from the same spirit that has Kevin Samuels.

My personal thought is that both men and women need to be held accountable but this has to be done with God’s standards and not man’s.
We have become a nation fueled by materialism and the lust of the eyes and cannot discern when a vessel has been captured by Satan and is being used to keep us from destiny mates and purpose. What we have taken away from the ideals of the Black Boule that Samuels has promoted is wealth and popularity being mistaken as a form of godliness. What we now have is a young population of narcissistic, delusional serial nitpickers and daters who don’t know the Most High.

I hear references of God from Mr. Samuels mouth however what I see more of is a spirit of anti marriage, his collection of perfumes, consumerist lifestyle, a mishap image from his Kappa fraternity that has him paralyzed in time and misogynistic views of relationships that in reality are more detrimental to the man than the woman. He’s like an Oprah who like Oprah, exploits his own community by airing out its dirty laundry and pointing out and over stating the obvious as laughing stock to others who had already considered us a people of entertainment.

We are well aware that as a nation we have work but believing ourselves to be more than what we are and walking away from those who we are taught to believe are beneath us as soon as they make one mistake got us no where. While through many truths about the miseducation of the Negro are being displayed for the whole world to see through Samuel’s platform what we won’t find here is the real solution as men walk away proud that they have thrown yet another black woman away after viewing these live streams and women end the call bruised further and one more day ignorance of not knowing who they are in Gods sight.

The truth is we are in and under these curses as black men and women together. Had their been high value and low value ideologies during any former period of time in black history that actually stuck, none of us would be here. Had we adhered to this misunderstanding we would not have reproduced much past slavery when all we had to offer each other was each other shackled and chained. This whole one size fits all doctrine is flawed and ungodly, demonic in fact. Promoting that the man can “do as he wilt” provides him with the false belief that as long as he does his bare minimum requirement as a man and is handsome that he is of value just because he showed up sometimes but in my eyes he is a dull knife and may cut a little but not penetrate much depth.

I would like to challenge the thought that should our economy fail what will the value of a man be then without his 6 figures? Does he know how to survive? Will he know how to lead? Out side of his job has he taken any time to develop himself spiritually? How about can he even lead a prayer or cast out a devil? Can the man even change a tire for that matter.

The interesting thing especially for the men of Israel who are aware they are Israel who I personally have observed commenting in agreement as well as leaving the women of their own nation for women of others, knowing that you are of a chosen nation of men and women, why would you not want the women in your own tribe like the Most High told you not to marry outside of?

I’m not here to belittle any or uphold those who lack accountability both men and women, but what I am asking is that we redirect our priorities and ask God for advice. His advice is perfect and personal and specific to you. He wants to deliver you from the curses and the devils connected to you that you don’t even know are there. He wants to introduce you to the wife or husband he has chosen as helper for you and YOUR purpose. When God is involved his plans cover multiple generations and situations and will be far more than your “good ideas”. A God idea is multifaceted, forward in thought and tailor made to fit the thoughts he had for you that he thought of before you were in your mothers womb.

3 comments on “The Mythical “High Value Man”

  1. Angie says:

    Wow…very well written my dear sister in Christ.
    A message to be shared and a question to be answered…How long???


  2. Lisa Scott says:

    This is absolutely awesome! I love it!

  3. Erin says:

    Wow. Its funny, I found myself mildly entertained by some of Kevin’s antics a few days ago….and as I laughed I asked myself why would find enjoyment in MY Sister being torn down by this vessel of the enemy.
    As always, thanks for the post my Sister. Keep doing what you’re doing. Love you ❤

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