Train up Your Child

Train up Your Child

Train up a child in the way that they should go and when he is old he won’t depart from it (Proverbs 22:6).

This by far is one of the most commonly referenced scriptures yet least commonly used; layered with meaning and probably one of the most important verses in the Bible.

When I first came into the truth I found myself being so hard on my ancestors. When I learned of what they had done that contributed to my spiritual inheritance that was riddled with generational curses I felt resentment. Why did they not tell us? How could I have ever stood a chance in life with so many curses hanging over my head? How could I have ever fully made any good decision if I was never properly informed? How do I now overcome these things? As I found myself now a parent how do I do this different?

Don’t get me wrong we don’t have to tell every irrelevant detail of our lives and overexpose our children. But we do have to understand when they are going through difficulties that don’t seem to make sense it’s those difficulties that make no sense that have deeper implications and require your explanation. But I say prevent this before it even starts.

For me my ancestors neglected to tell me a lot of information particularly what they did in their lives that went against the laws of The Most High that unbeknown to me would later complicate my life. This is why the law is done away with doctrine is so detrimental. It was only after learning who I was and understanding my spiritual condition did I understand that those same elders who had once judged me and my generation and the lack we experienced were the same elders whose iniquities I was bearing.

In my nation of people like many others, our ancestors kept secrets and died with the information. We were not privy to what they did and what they were into passed the representative they wanted to portray. Many people are this way so I’m only here to explain that though a very common way to be, a grave mistake literally. As our elders opened certain doors and became subject to certain demons as a result we inherited their curses and plagues. Yet we wrote off our childhoods and upbringings and the trials and senseless tribulations as chance or even made what we thought were logical explanations for our conditions.

Maybe if like me, you come from a nation who is used to suffering you write these things off as a part of life for your people, suffering that is. Never would it occur to us that our circumstances were fashioned from the sins of our ancestors. Sadly most of them were too bound by pride to tell us what they had done and that is if they even could correlate our lives as manifestation of their sins and many generations died unrepentant as a result of a lack of knowledge.

Looking back would I have judged my parents and grandparents and whomever else for what they would have disclosed to me, honestly in my immaturity probably so. But let me tell you why that doesn’t matter at least it doesn’t to me when I expose things I’ve done in life to my very young child. In the end it doesn’t matter about you and how you feel they will perceive you. It only matters that they make decisions to avoid history repeating itself. It only matters if they break the curses. What will your legacy be? Will you aid your children in being the trailblazer who did it different and actually healed your bloodline or will you look on and pray your secrets never come to light and cross your fingers that God will have mercy on your descendants?

You don’t live for how you will look to your children you are here to guide them through life and give them what they need. God tells us we are destroyed for a lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6) I’m here to tell you as a living testimony how true that is. Unfortunately the cost of doing business with the devil has it’s collateral damage for everyone involved but it is better that your children are taught to understand early so God can work in them whatever you may have missed in your faithful attempt to correct the mistakes of lack of disclosure to your children.

Train up your child so that when and I mean when those same demons that have a right to your bloodline from some door that either you or your elder opened will come for them they are not blind sighted. Your child’s perception of you and your pride and shame about your decisions should not weigh more than their understanding that they need to defeat a devil that you may have in fact let in.

The training that is required to win the battles against the spirits that will overtake them if they are not walking righteously can only be given to them by you through knowledge and changed behavior. The only way to do that is by introducing them to The Most High while they are young so their commitment to Him and the keeping of his commandments is solid. Better to do this in their innocence while the desire is there and it will be because of that innate desire that you helped cultivate in them that will stick because they were introduced to him in spirit and in truth before the enemy had the full opportunity to penetrate their minds.
If not don’t be surprised when they mysteriously pattern themselves in your same wicked footsteps only to need deliverance at 35ish from a secret sin you know your were guilty of.

It’s like this, do you want to expose your child to the truth or would you like Satan to expose them to his falsehoods before the fullness of their maturation. Because your child’s reality is really up to you. You can be the first liar your child ever knows and introduce them to paganism, idols, holidays and fantasy and teach them to escape from life at an early age all in the name of a “happy childhood” or you can “train” them for the warfare that they will engage in rather they are signed up at will or taken over by force.

I mean let’s keep it real that’s what life is, warfare and you have a choice to either prepare for the battle or become a casualty of war because either you were unaware or afraid and taught your child to be the same. Or you knew and you chose happiness by way of burying your head in the sand. I know many successful and financially stable men and women who society has bred to be brilliant yet in matters of where it counts they have totally missed the mark and are clueless to their God given assignments. In fact my most successful friends are the most spiritually blind people I know and have lost their way because a way for their soul was not given to them while they were children. Your child models you and as they witness their lukewarm parent it will only be by the grace of God that they don’t mimic you.

In the end when your children are not mentally stimulated with teaching comprised of Godly principles yet emulate all of the traits of Disney characters and not the Most High God it will be because of how you chose to steward your assignment. After I became saved and really understood curses and demons I was committed to not send my child with a knife to a gun fight. As the Most High told us that he would be “visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate Me” ( Deuteronomy 5:9) it put the urgency in me and the confidence I needed to set my child apart young so that when my daughter is visited by the Most High it will be to bless her with a life of abundance. People try to overcomplicate this but the message is this ״ If you love the Most High then you will keep his commandments and study them to show you are approved by Him( John 14:15). So if you don’t keep them, then you hate Him at least that’s what his word entails and so according to his law He is fair to release curses on your children it’s just that simple. The curses and plagues are for those who will not walk in righteousness and that righteous rearing starts with you mom and dad.

The take away from all of what I expressed was this, the word train is significant because that’s what you have to do, train your children for the unseen battle between them and the devil and expose his hand. The enemy doesn’t play fair so neither can you by sheltering your child from the truth of the Most High and his expectations. It doesn’t matter if your child is a baby, Satan will cross the womb when your son does. Infant or not. Satan is a legalist and if he was given access to your bloodline legally, he will remain there until you drive him out.

If you don’t teach them the enemy will and it will only be by the grace of the Most High that their way will not be perverted. Be encouraged to set your children apart to raise them righteously and don’t let what others say they are missing out on impact your decisions. The Most High will honor you and that’s all that matters. Pride and Shame are not of God so don’t let that keep you from being transparent with your children because it is through knowledge shall the just be delivered (Proverbs 11:9).

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  1. Erin says:

    Amen! A truth that needed to be told Sis

  2. Marina says:

    Amen! What a timely word!

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