While in Babylon be a Daniel

While in Babylon be a Daniel

Lately Daniel has just been jumping out at me everywhere and I’ve been pondering on the ministry of Daniel. Daniel was prophetic but even as that is big deal what is just as notable is Daniel was so strong in character that in the face of death he was unwilling to bow down to a beast system no matter the consequences. I’ve heard people give up this spiritual fight because they wanted their life to be “easier” and I’m here to tell you that when we choose the world over the Kingdom of God we are only choosing something equivalent of 15 minutes of fame. There is nothing easier about a life without God in it. It’s nothing easier about having a foot in the world and and another foot in the Kingdom. In fact not only is it not easier it’s impossible.

As believers we are called to stand up, to buck the system, to be ye separate, to come out from among them and to stand strong in our faith. Our submission is to the Most High and not to the principalities of the world that have already been defeated by the King at the Cross. While we find ourselves once again in Babylon be a Daniel, who went up against a principality so strong it bound one of Gods high ranking angels to stop a message from being received. However today, you have believers of all people pushing conformity, when the story of Daniel is one I’m sure most Christians heard as children in Sunday school.

Do not be afraid to go up against the dragon of this world. Yes there will be consequences but none more fleeting than eternal damnation. At some point the people have allowed their personal passions to supersede a purpose so much so where selling out doesn’t even require much thought at this point. The whole concept of wanting things to go “back to normal” when we were already in a fallen society doesn’t look like much of good thing anyway. In our normalcy we were sleeping sheep ready to be slaughtered and this new normal is the playing out of the effects of a sleeping generation.

Does the desire to travel mean so much to where you so easily give up your body to science? Are Gods laws just too much to bear because a Sabbath day interferes with your weekend? These are just two questions for the plethora that I have in my mind especially for the Christian who did not think to fast and pray before they signed up to be a test subject. Overall as we have heard the Most High tell us to choose this day who you will serve and honestly it is the Christians who have surprised me the most but what can I say, their choices are prophetic at this point.

While we are enduring to the end I know it’s tough I feel it myself but it will only get thicker for the believer and the state of the world and it’s prophetic end is out of our control and that means worry and anxiety about that doesn’t belong to us. Cast your cares to the Most High and stand up for who you belong to and what you believe in. The go along to get along is a demonic doctrine and one that is not for the children of God. As I find myself in the lions den preparing myself to be casted out of society as a result of my stance to keep my soul, I have to remember that God shut the mouth of the lions for Daniel and child of God He will shut the mouth of these lions for you.

My God hath sent his angel, and hath shut the lions’ mouths, that they have not hurt me… Daniel 6:22

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