Whose crown is on your head?

Whose crown is on your head?

Hair via extension has been a “thing” in the beauty industry in all nations of people for a while now, as many have presumed to benefit from these luxurious tresses. But for now, I have to address a particular group, the African American. Both Black men and women alike have created multi-million dollar opportunities from hair sales and consider weaves as a foolproof method for establishing wealth. Others who suffer from alopecia, medically induced baldness, male pattern baldness, cancer, damage from hair relaxers and slow hair growth see weaves as a godsend and they literally are unbeknown to us

Human hair for wigs date back to the times of Cleopatra as early as 3400 B.C. The weaves of her day were made of human hair and sheep’s wool with glues made from beeswax. Hair dyes also have their ancient roots as many Egyptians sported red, blue and gold hair. Hair wigs were a status symbol as many Kings in the European dynasty took ownership of them as well. King Louis XIV of France, known as the “Sun King” was documented of balding at the tender age of seventeen. Since syphilis was a common disease of his time, many opted to powdered wigs called Perukes as recourse for balding heads.

Currently human hair wigs and weaves are used for fullness, protective styling, and glamor. Many African American women have experienced a rise in balding over the last 45 years or so and have expressed feeling more confident with weaves and wigs. Today many men can say the same due to the improved hair toupee now known as the “man unit”, a toupee integrated into various styles and drop fades. As the European image of hair has been viewed as the desired look of the day, many Black women with coarser hair textures took to hair relaxers that had damaging effects on the scalps resulting in permanent thinning and hair loss. It does not help much that men have even fallen prey to desire Black women with their hair in its straightened state or weaved down the backs. As a result the demand of hair weaves has dramatically increased in our community as well as the vanity that would soon follow.

Even as a prior weave abuser, I now consider weaves as a spiritual assault weapon. In my eyes weaves are probably the most crafty weapon I’ve seen yet right next to crack cocaine, a pair of Jordan shoes, and Brazilian butt implants and let me explain why. Today many Black women do not even feel beautiful enough to even step outside without a weave. Several have been robbed and killed over bundles and addicted to this “look” that I would describe as demonic. As God has made us all so different and in his likeness, yet what we see now is women all with the same look as if they have been manufactured. I would like to suggest that my readers consider the reason of balding in African American women, who as I have mentioned in previous posts are biblical Israelites. One thing that is true about this population of people is that it is a nation of people riddled in curses that are a result of breaking spiritual laws. The enemy has successfully tricked the entire world to enjoy the bounds of his or her own sin and causing one to lust in the eye is by far his favorite sport.

In India, millions of women from all around the world can be found lining up in front of Hindu temples waiting to sacrifice their hair to Hindu gods in a religious ritual called Tonsuring. The process of Tonsuring typically involves a barber dressed in white wetting the hair of the donor and shaving it off and the donor revisiting the temple to present a bald-head to be “blessed” by the god. Many who engage in this ritual do so for various reasons to cure disease, deliverance from poverty, romantic purposes and many other things mostly chosen on auspicious dates and times. They believe the gods that were conjured in the temple will bless them and the hair that they have sacrificed. It is then sewn to a weft and sold in bundles to the other side of the world along with the spirit of the god they offered it to and despite of the distance somehow it finds its way on your head. Perhaps this explains the trend of Yoga in America amongst black women whose hair belongs to Indian women who worshipped Hindu gods, just a thought.

In several areas of the Bible we see that the Israelites were to be separate of other nations who sacrificed to idols and worshipped other gods, even though the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob tells us continuously He is the only God and makes a habit of proving this constantly. The general premise of the Bible that we see in a nutshell is one big family (Israel) interacting with multiple nations and disobeying their God and mostly in slavery as chastisement. From one bondage after another, we find that Israel mostly gets things half right at best. God continues to have mercy on His people even though He curses and punishes them for neglecting to keep His laws and habitually breaking them. In one instance though, I think it is relative enough to consider how God told the Israelites to get rid of a cursed item or else they would not stand and would continue to be killed in battle, 13 Up, sanctify the people, and say, Sanctify yourselves against to morrow: for thus saith the Lord God of Israel, There is an accursed thing in the midst of thee, O Israel: thou canst not stand before thine enemies, until ye take away the accursed thing from among you, Joshua 7:13. He also lets them know that they should detest a cursed item and not even bring it in their house, (Deuteronomy 7:26) and further more lets us know that just in case you believed you can bless an accursed item you cannot, (who can bring a clean thing out of an unclean thing? Not one. (Job 14:4)

A recent movie that premiered in November called Bad Hair reminded me of other stories I’ve learned about cursed weaves. The movie chronicles a young black woman in L.A., barely noticed with coarse hair and heavy shrinkage. Due to social pressure from the changing culture of her job she goes to an upscale salon for a Eurocentric hairdo and leaves with a demonized weave. I watched a news report from Memphis where a woman stated that her hair was “possessed” and a spirit with a bad omen traveled all the way from India and landed on her head. From these things, I recalled my own strange weave experiences and from years of use I’ve encountered a few. From my research on the topic, apparently there is an overwhelming amount of information on the subject of spirit possession and weaves. Rather these things are just rare or a manifestation of the imagination, what is true is that our hair is our crown of glory and the Most High God has given our hair to us as a covering (1Corinthians 11:15). Considering Black women are the daughters of Zion that He cursed with baldness as written in Isaiah 3:24, their hair has the potential to grow in long, full and healthy as long as the curses are broken. Therefore, it doesn’t surprise me that the enemy who is seeking to devour us all would further solidify the curse and conceal them so you remain ignorant and never repent. Satan uses weaves and makes it trendy to “cover your curse”. By using the “covering or crown” of another who has sacrificed their hair to a devil or false god, he deceives you into purchasing the same demonic covering to cover your own crown of glory; making you believe you are free from a curse, that is if you ever realized you were cursed in the first place. One thing about God He is fair and just and wants His children to flee from darkness so He makes sure it is exposed to you. However, your obedience to Him that is either developed or undeveloped is always synchronized to your free will choice to repent, a choice that with knowledge for you to make on your own.    







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  1. Erin says:

    Very interesting. VERY. I understand better now how the wigs and weaves become cursed, as I already knew that they were. Good information. Thank you.

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