It doesn’t matter why with Pride

It doesn’t matter why with Pride

Usually when I post something I start with an intro, hopefully to engage you because I know reading sometimes can be time consuming in the age of swiping and scrolling and keeping people’s attention is challenging. But right now my message is urgent…. pride is not of God and repent before you fall. While you are awake, while you are still breathing and taking in life repent and rebuke the spirit of pride.

The biggest and most disastrous spirit that seems to have its claws in our backs one way or another is pride. The sin of pride in particular prevents us from repenting, it deceives us into believing that our principle that we are standing on justifies our unforgiveness. But you know what, it doesn’t matter your reasons why your heart is hardened or what justifiable reason you have to point the finger at anyone else. What will matter is opportunity, one that you either seized or you let it slip by.

Don’t be so stubborn to where you bite your nose to spite your face to where not even the Most High can reach you while you are still in flesh form. Don’t be so unmovable to where you run the very people sent to help you away and then when they grant you your wish to leave them alone you complain the no one is there.

If there is an opportunity to repent take it. If there is an opportunity to apologize do it. If there is an opportunity to show love show it. Because as long as there was opportunity that you didn’t take you will hold accountability for it either in this life or with God. It is impossible to see the Most High and be on the right side of him with Pride in your heart. He will reduce you to nothing with pride in his way.

Many of us are losing people by the second and as they go I can’t help but wonder did they die unrepentant. Did they die in their embitterment? Did their pride prevent them from receiving love? Did their pride put them in isolation and estranged from their family? Did their pride put enmity with them and the father? Will his son say to them “Depart from me I never knew you?”

No matter how good or how bad your life is going right now it has to be better than hell. While you are on this side of the earth and while God can be sought out seek him and ask for healing of your heart. Don’t get caught holding the bag of pride while there is still time to repent.

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  1. Rena says:

    Amazing post sis at a much needed time. So much is happening all at once. What better time to remind us to take action and put your ego to side and make a mends. Much love from yours truly, Rena and family 💕

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