Deliverance is The Children’s Bread….. Testimony

Deliverance is The Children’s Bread….. Testimony

Psalm 34:17 When the righteous cry for help, the Lord hears and delivers them of all their troubles.

Psalm 107:4 Then they cried to the Lord in their trouble, and He delivered them from their distress.

Psalm 50:15 “And call upon Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify Me”

I listened to a Deliverance Session led by Apostle John Eckhart, this is my testimony.

As the minister began, he explained the order of the service. He explained that he would be calling demons and demonic families by name and once the session starts the unclean (demonic) spirits must manifest and leave. He cautioned the audience against “waiting to hear (their) demon called” and encouraged everyone to be open to deliverance from any demonic presence, not just the ones they were aware of and/or willing to acknowledge. He opened the session with a prayer of repentance and called upon the Holy Spirit. The Minister blessed his listeners and asked the Holy Spirit to have It’s way. He pled he Blood of Yeshua (Jesus Christ) over his audience and prayed for our safety. He then spoke directly to dark spirits and gave instructions as to what they were to do when their own name or family was called to leave the host that they were attached to. It was during the prayer part of this ceremony that I realized the power of this recording because as the prayer went forth I belched the most obnoxious burp seemingly for no reason. I know this to be one of the signals of demonic release. This session was the real deal and I could feel it, and it’s important to note that this word was recorded in 2005, I only watched it days ago.

The session was about 50 minutes long. At some point during the opening prayer the Holy Spirit told me to pray in the Spirit and not to stop. I began praying in Tongues while listening to the service as I drove 2 hours away to visit my father who had been hospitalized for a couple of weeks at the time. Let me just say, I would have to highly advise against EVER trying to engage in the deliverance process while driving. Deliverances can be “violent” because the demons don’t want to be evicted. The minister named SO many demonic spirits that I of course cannot remember them all, but there were a few that I had significant reactions to. I even called out names of family members as I prayed in Tongues. I’ve had other deliverances and was pretty sure I knew what to expect but I was wrong. It did not turn out to be what I would call violent, but is was extremely intense and left me tired as though I had just done a physical activity like running a distance or cardio exercises.

I’d always had a hot temper for as long as I could remember. Not a quick temper (at least I didn’t consider myself quickly angered, but in hindsight, as I write this, I guess I was), but when I got mad I was BIG mad no matter how small the irritant and it never seemed to matter to me how unreasonable I might have been. When the Apostle called out the spirit of anger a low growl came out of my mouth. I continued to pray and a louder growl came out. I thought to myself “that’s weird”. Then he commanded any rage spirits to manifest and leave and I screamed a war cry type of scream. The type of scream that signifies a person is ready to fight and do damage. This was not intentional and I was not in control. That guttural scream came from somewhere in me, I don’t know where, but after those 2 expulsions I felt physically lighter. I no longer had the heavy feelings in my stomach area that I thought were a part of me. I can’t recall ever NOT having those feelings until that moment. Throughout the deliverance I spit up a lot. It’s a foamy spit that looks like the small bubbles that dish soap produces. As I drove, I spat into an empty water bottle that I had finished and by the time the deliverance was concluded, the bottle was inches away from being full.

So as the Apostle called out names like hurt, rejection, revenge, depression, and suicide I spat. When he spoke to loneliness I cried. He called out the demons associated with Free Masonryand I immediately began to choke. I coughed and gagged and produced a huge wad of mucus. That’s when I think I noticed how drained I was. It felt like I had just vomited, but all I felt was happy. You see, I had been praying against and denouncing my bloodlines ties to Free Masonry for nearly a year maybe longer. These Masonic curses were brought on through my Father’s oath to what I now know to be a historically demonic society or what many would call a cult. This organization has a long history of bringing generational curses onto the unsuspecting. It is my firm belief that my 3 (almost 4) year old son has difficulty speaking as a result of the vow of silence my father took while pledging his loyalty to this cult, but that’s another story. The sense of relief I felt knowing for certain we had been delivered from this thing and my prayers were being answered was indescribable.

Since doing this deliverance I’ve not been angry once. Prior to this I was angered daily, sometimes multiple times. I’ve also stopped cursing, and I’ve cussed like a man since my teenage years. And I’ve had more energy than I’ve had in years. Miracles are still happening; we just have to believe and call on Him. He will be faithful to answer us.

Its been 27 days and I still have not been angry once. Not one time. And believe me, there have been SO many things that normally would have sent me over the edge. Seems I get stuck in traffic every single day, every time I try to go anywhere. Anyone who knows me knows that sitting still in the car is (WAS) a major peeve of mine. Now, I just enjoy the ride. There’s been cross words spoken by loved ones, irritants at work, and of course the enemy is has tried to attack my finances (one of his favorite arrows to fling at me) yet still, I have not even been so much as irritated. It’s simply amazing. I never realized the impact that negative emotions were having on my life. I hadn’t noticed how heavy and weighed down I always was. But not that I’ve been liberated from that burden of anger and anxiety, it’s hard to believe that I survived that way for so long. I still haven’t cursed on purpose (not gonna lie, I slipped a couple times) and I have no desire to drink alcohol. Not that I was heavy drinker, but I did enjoy a glass of wine most evenings. I smile more now. I laugh at things that would have infuriated me a month ago. I enjoy my life now. I just want someone to know that feeling good is possible. Its 100% attainable through Christ. I want someone to know that hope is your bestfriend. Whatever you are under, whatever you are burdened with, there is hope. Whatever that hope is, take it to Yah in prayer. Leave it there. And have faith that He will come through (when has He ever let you down? ) Yah is so good. We are His children and he loves us. He loves us so much that he sacrificed His Son, why would he spare any expense on you now? All that you need, hope for, and desire deeply are a prayer away. Deliverance is the children’s bread.

-Erin Jones

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