Favor the Law

Favor the Law

Many a Christian may find themselves debating back and forth about the law, how to keep it, who can keep, it is it done away with and so forth. We all have had our varying paths to how we came to become followers of Christ, be it upbringing, living a prodigal life, etc but one thing I’ve come to discover through my walk is how to activate the law and it came to me in the most extreme circumstances.

If you have been following me, at some point I am sure I mentioned I did not grow up in the church. Sure I was taken there from time to time and I was even baptized young, but besides knowing of my Hebrew roots that was all I knew for a while and I didn’t even know what that meant. The way I discovered that we are to activate the law is from understanding that I was cursed and when I learned exactly how I was and it was fair, I realized my opposition was an expert at the law and would use every legal right he had against me to keep me bound and in order for me to overcome I had to become a law expert too. Because when my name was mentioned in the heavenly court I had lawful accusations against me by Satan. Sounds odd? Well that’s what he is, an accuser (Zechariah 3:1-2).

You know, we can read that but not fully grasp the concept that Satan is an accuser. But what is he accusing us of if he didn’t have something on us? At some point after losing what seemed to be one endless battle after another, in a war I had no clue I was in, I became tired and curious. In my weariness I inquired of my strange happenings that were foreign to at least everyone I knew but were so commonplace for me.

Once the Holy Spirit, whose nudging I ignored for most of my life began to teach me, I understood what was going on and I actually decided to commit myself to the battle I had already been thrust into unbeknown to me. I began to study the laws to at least attempt to gain ground as I came to realize that the way I could be cursed was through ignorance of the law. It didn’t matter what the church would never tell me I was responsible for my own salvation and deliverance. It would never matter if the church led us to believe the law was done away with, because our enemy knows it and he activates it day and night against us.

Since I have willfully enlisted in this battle, I’ve learned overtime that the law is like a playbook that we aren’t using to our benefit. Lets start by understanding and acknowledging that the Bible is in fact a law book that helps us to govern ourselves and overcome the accuser who uses his accusations to steal our blessings and complicate our lives. In my earthly intelligence, that fact went completely over my head. I got the memo late that the Bible is a history book about a big family’s interactions with each other and other nations. Israel broke laws and did not steward their assignment to govern the nations righteously and ultimately the world would pay a price that the Bible gave prophetic warning of for a future generation.

Sounds easy to say but it took a lot for the scales to be removed from my eyes just to be able to say that and know what I was talking about. We can have all the worldly intelligence and the “papers” they gave us to fake validate that and still be so clueless to the spirit realm that governs what we can see with our physical eyes 🙄. It took a while for me to understand what exactly was happening in my own life in the spirit realm and to perceive the Bible as an alive book because I couldn’t see that as a possibility when I was in the world. Just as easy as I could be cursed, rooted, delayed, robbed and blinded by the enemy was just as easy as I could come out of agreement and fight back to gain ground through what Christ did on the cross. But the battle began in my mind that was blinded and I had to fight just for the information.

For example, for the believers we’ve read Proverbs right? I felt like I and all I had was an opinion that it was a good teaching. However later in my escalated fight to break free from the hands of the enemy I realized Proverbs and other books are spiritual government books that if you violate one of those laws the enemy has an advantage.

I have spent a great deal of my time exposing the enemy on this blog, but right now I have to place emphasis on how we gain ground over him. Because that’s what he has over us, grounds, by means of the law. We have to learn the law, keep it and understand how to use it. Somewhere either you or someone who is related to you gave the enemy grounds. Your job as the reader or curse breaker is to recognize the curse through the patterns in your family, repent, and keep the enemy away by the knowledge of how you and or your family was bound in the first place. Very rarely will a causeless curse stay (Proverbs 26:2).

My goal is to expose the enemy and to show you how to be unbound. But if you are believing to be living your best life and don’t view gifts from God as all that important then their is a barrier to a breakthrough. However if you successfully identify your spiritual condition for yourself, then true freedom is around the corner. However my biggest challenge is to get a person to perceive that they are actually in spiritual bondage. Since these entities hide and play off stealth, to the host a helper is perceived as spoiling their fun. The enemy of our soul will trick you into enjoying bondage by pleasuring you to death and to your own demise if you don’t realize he’s there, but I digress.

For example “he that loveth pleasure shall be poor” Proverbs 21:17. Sounds like a common sense statement but it’s not just that. I encourage you to really meditate on this and you will find that this is more than common sense it’s a law. Now for a lot of things in the Bible, no you may not lose your salvation over breaking this law or some others but it can give a door to the enemy and make life a little challenging unnecessarily and why do that as if it isn’t hard enough.

One huge law I have activated that has beat the enemy time and time again is Matthew 6:6, go in secret and pray in secret and the most high will reward you openly. Now this has been such a huge one for me because so many blessings and deliverance came from making my prayer closet home that this was the founding place of this blog. It worked so well for me that it really should have been my first post.

Now here is the thing, because this works so well along with repenting from known and unknown sins in this closet in secret that the enemy will try his hardest to either get you not to go in the closet and keep you from praying. In fact the harder you go in prayer, he will find ways to literally bind your tongue. Having said that, spend time in the closet and pray for things in secret and I guarantee life will go well with you.

Consider the Bible as a law book to activate the blessings of God and speak life over yourself through them. At this point we have to know more than no weapon formed against us shall prosper. We need to graduate from the milk and eat solid food Children of God. Fasting isn’t a good idea it’s a lifestyle, as is praying, speaking the law of the God over your life and doing this while you stay in the secret place of the Most High God. Shalom

But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly. Matthew 6:6 KJV

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  1. Erin Jones says:

    Well said. So many don’t fully grasp the concept of generational curses, that is curses handed down to you as a descendant of a witch, idolator, false prophet, etc. Go before Yah, in the secret place and ask Him where you are in error. To my horror I was under the curse of witchcraft unbeknownst to me due the choices of my ancestors. People perish daily for a lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6). Read your law book!
    Great post Sis ❤

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