Forgiving in a world of offenders

Forgiving in a world of offenders

One thing about believers is that many of us are well versed in understanding that we need to forgive others so that our Father in Heaven will forgive us (Matthew 6:14-15). As much as we know this to be true, it seems to be getting harder and harder in application. Even for the most mature in their faith, as the world is growing darker and darker with little glimpse of things getting any better, forgiving is a growing challenge. The more we try to move forward and gain ground in a season of uncertainty it seems the only thing we can really rely on in these times is the same as the only thing we could rely on in previous times, God.

As the attacks intensify and we continue to try to forge forward in wonderment of the future, the enemy seems to be gaining more willing vessels to attack and thrust us backwards. Many like myself are finding that they are revisiting the past only to realize they really are not as healed as they thought that time would permit them to be. Offenders seem to be experts at accusing and reminding us of the things and people who hurt us the most so old wounds are being reexamined. As people struggle to control their tongue and as perilous times progress so will the selfishness and inconsideration from other people. How can we handle the constant contact with those who have and will offend us especially those with repetitive behaviors? Sounds cliché’ but the question to ask yourself is “What would our Messiah do?” It is easy, He would forgive the offense and further, pray for those who hurt and mishandle us.

For me, even with that being said, I internally felt I had to do more to forgive. I had to find a way to be empathetic in regards to my offender and I found that it worked the best for me. Even the deeper wounds from people I loved who had forsaken me that seemed to be impossible to move on from, I found some way to view them empathetically and it helped to dissolve the pain. At first it took forever, as some of these people not only will never apologize, but if you told them how you feel, you would find that some of them aren’t even sorry. For some situations they are so deep that even if you addressed them with your pain, they would be too prideful to admit a fault because it requires changed behavior that they may be unwilling to do for themselves and so forget them changing for you.

However, rather they aren’t ready to change, prideful and dishonest with themselves, dead, or they don’t feel that they have legitimately wronged you; it is in your best interest to forgive them. Nothing is worse than not being forgiven for your sins over a person who has no interest in how they are viewed by their creator. As there are those who are recklessly offending, deceiving or mishandling God’s children remember the Most High doesn’t miss anything. People think that forgiving and giving things to God makes you a sucker, but the believers know better. He is our avenger and knows just what is needed to “stick it” to his creations. No matter how creative you can conceive vindication, you have nothing on the Most High and His creativity in chastising and punishments.

Whenever a person wrongs me rather I address it or not I always think to myself, God I know you saw it. In that moment I know that it is only a matter of time that I will feel sorry for the person the Most High is wiping the floor with in correction. I often wonder if this fact is is why we are told to pray for those who wrong us because the most High is mighty! As for the deceased, the good news is you wont have to worry about what the can say or do to you in the future, the opportunity is gone; and the only enemy in that situation would be your memory. In fairness, just as He is my father, He is their father too. At some point I am sure I have offended someone and after my heavenly father was done chastising me I was in fact a better person and grateful for the experience.

So when you forgive everyone wins you who were wronged will be vindicated and don’t have to carry the burden of resentment and bitterness and any sins you commit will not have you bound; and the person who wrongs you can be sure that their heavenly father will give them the beating that they need and will never forget. In the end for those impossible situations where the person continues over and over to repeat the same action that put you at odds with them, pray for them and the situation because God is the God of making the impossible, possible and miracles are His specialty.


With men it is impossible, but not with God; for with God all things are possible

(Mark 10:27)

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  1. Erin Jones says:

    Thank you for telling the people that forgiveness, like all things, is a choice. And ANYTHING that Yah calls us to do is in our best interests. Like you said, everyone wins when you forgive! Amen my Sister.

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