Married in the Spirit

Married in the Spirit

For years, at least most of my life I was always under the impression that “wet dreams” were a part of puberty. In sex ed I was led to believe that sexual dreams were natural and merely a symptom of maturation. However, over the years I came across a lot of information in respect to what I had previously regarded as normal in my everyday living. The more I inquired and the more life I lived I found that most of what we have been told about our everyday living and the happenings within them are everything but normal and are mostly supernaturally driven.

Only a few years ago, precisely about 3 and a half years ago I began to press in and inquire of my spiritual condition to the Most High and upon revelation I was made aware I was “ married in the spirit”. I wondered if I had heard Him correctly and I began to research what married in the spirit might consist of. Upon my research, as usual I found I was taking my weekly trip down a rabbit hole.

In the West Coasts of Africa there is a tribe called the Yoruba tribe. They are from a sect of people who are from an area of Nigeria. Understand that not all Nigerians are of this tribe nor do they all hold the practices of this tribe as the Yoruba practices would later be adopted by many non Nigerians and non Africans as a religion. From them many have adopted this faith and have made offerings to the gods and goddesses of this religion that they believe dwell in the water. I’m mentioning them not because they are the founding people of this belief because this is far from true. But my earliest understanding of my spiritual situation came from a Bible believing (true Christian) Nigerian whose family consisted of Yoruba priests and priestesses that she had previously denounced for witchcraft.

Many of the Yoruba people, that is those who descend from the original tribe but who are Bible believers understand the roots of the religion as that of idolatry and error far more than we do in America. Those who were openly reared by their ancestors in these ideologies have experienced the physical and spiritual manifestations and repercussions first hand where us over here in the US not so much. As here in America, worshipping other gods and goddesses are discretely and deceptively integrated in our culture as we remain ignorant and accept them unaware.

Now how does this correlate to sexual dreams? Well, our earth is comprised of about 70% of water and so are we as human beings. The Yorubas as a faith (not necessarily as a descendant) are people who worship a deity called an Orisha. An Orisha is apparently one of many kinds of deities that they worship. Oshun is a popular one, you may hear many of your famous artists for example Beyoncé singing about Oshun. To those of the Yoruba faith she is the goddess of purity, fertility, love, and sensuality. She is considered one of the most powerful of all orishas, and, like other gods, she possesses human attributes such as vanity, jealousy, and spite.

The Egyptians also worshipped water deities, as well as the popular nation of the Philistines, a notable family of giants who were overcome by an Israelite shepard named David (1 Samuel 17). Dagon who was described as a merman, half man and half fish (Judges 16:23) is mentioned 9 times in the Bible and is paid tribute to in many ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs that feature Egyptians with fish hats. Those who worshipped water deities continued to wear these traditional hats to this modern day. An example would be the “fish hats” or the Mitre hat worn in Catholicism which is in honor to one of their many gods Mithras but I digress.

With this understanding, we find that not only is our culture infused with the undisclosed celebration of water spirits, hence why you see the influx of mermaids everywhere but considering that there is 70 percent of water in the earth we can understand that more than half of the spiritual devastation will start in the water. Have you noticed where there is hypersexuality and high crime there is usually a large body of water that surrounds it or a city that will sit off of the water. Chicago is a major example of this and as is LA, New Orleans, D.C. and the list goes on.

It should be no surprise that those beings that dwell in the water would find themselves comfortable inside human beings who are made of more than half of water as well. As when an unclean spirit goes out of a man he goes through dry places and is at an unrest. Sounds trippy but God is after the spirits that dwell in the water but why if they were not responsible for something major? According to the Messiah himself some spirits can only come out by dry fasting but what kind though?

As referenced in the book of Tobit, Sara fasts for 3 days with no food or water to rid herself of the devil Asmodeus who has killed her 7 husbands. But what does this have to do with sexual demons and water? More profoundly, Jesus tells us that there are certain kinds of demons that will only come out with prayer and fasting, Matthew 17:21 to be exact. However don’t waste time looking this scripture up in an NIV version, it’s not in there. Not only is it not is there it was just zapped out. The whole verse is omitted from that section while verses 20 and 22 remain intact.

My thought is they do not want us to know that not only is your spiritual condition that may consist of late marriage, no marriage, constant bickering in partnership, failed marriage, constant miscarriage, partners fleeing or “ghosting you” for no reason or even dying for that matter has everything to do with the spirits that dwell in the water that are seeking to attach themselves to you that you can only rid yourself of with prayer and fasting.

These entities main objective is to get inside of us and to influence what we do so we can influence others to error also. Jesus informs us that while we are sleeping the enemy comes to sow tares ( Matthew 13:25 KJV). These dreams are perfectly crafted to infiltrate our paths by using pleasure as a means to kill, steal and destroy and they implant their “mission” through these sexual dreams we are having that we think nothing of. After which we are left to feel disgusted, depleted and somehow robbed of something but we aren’t clear on what in the moment. The demons come to form a covenant which is what a marriage is it’s an agreement. A legally binding agreement that is. What is misunderstood is that your inability to cancel and or rebuke the dream signifies your compliance. The more you remain or entertain the pleasure in the spiritual realm and or in the physical realm the stronger the entity becomes.

I’m here to tell you personally that more was taken from you than what you think. The enemy needs as many oaths and covenants as he can possibly bind you to for him to wreck havoc in your life. Again, unless you rebuke the dreams it is as if you are giving him free rein to steal your destiny, while you remain confused about your circumstances and slowly succumb to your own destruction.

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  1. I truly enjoyed reading this blog. It is definitely worth sharing, as so many people are being destroyed for a lack of knowledge.
    May God continue to enlighten you to encourage others to research and study for themselves.
    Love and blessings…

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