Not so social media

Not so social media

Isn’t it funny how the things that we have now become so accustomed to are almost an extremity to just maybe a year and a half ago. It seems like now there is social distancing and masks and fear of being in close proximity to another human being. The whole pandemic has now set the stage for the new normal but many of us dont see how we have been being groomed to accept social distancing for over 35 years.

It seems as though the powers that be have a tendency to put all of their plans right in our faces through entertainment as a means of gaining informed consent. Like the song Computer Love by Zapp, I hear that it is redone by another group but for me the version I can reference is one I sang often. I mean who was the computer love they were referring to in 1986? They were speaking of something we were not familiar with and telling us the plan ahead because in this case it was in the form of a catchy tune and concept we came into agreement with unbeknown to us.

Back then computers were there for impersonal reasons totally and dial up and the internet was from my understanding and memory an unavailble technology at the time. However, what we thought was so great and such a good idea now has its hand in the fall of man to where we have become totally crippled without the technology that initially seemed to be for our advancement. Social media initially seemed like a great idea at first right? There was a way to keep in contact with your friends and family who were far away and share memories and experiences with them as you saw fit.

Information was shared and it was a way to connect with people like minded with you. However, now social media has shown its true hand and has now been found to be home to the amature detective, the stalker, the sociopath and the ideal breeding ground for narcassits and as it actually welcomes narcassitic behavior. It is a platform of exploitation be it of others or themselves. Most false love affairs and cyber bullies whose thumb is bigger than their personalities find social media as their preferred vehicle.

Social media has changed the trajectory of how we start, maintain and many times end and sabatoge our relationships. There is text over talk as a convenience but ultimately the best way to birth misunderstandings. Somehow all of the things that we used to hold sacred to us that made us human is slowly being stripped away from us like freedom of thought, and speech and even hugging. There is no character scans or morality checks that seem to honestly not hold much attention these days. What used to be set apart for special people is now open and available for international viewing like bathing photos and special moments. In fact more is being out into the social media image while there is depravity of the character outside of the virtual realm.

The natural progression of leaving the past behind that is almost like a rite of passage to humanity is now obstructed by social media platforms. I don’t need to wonder how that guy from high school is doing because I know what he ate for breakfast this morning, who he voted for, his jab status and how he is sad that his mom’s dog died yesterday. Isn’t it ironic how we do not need to put the work in to get to know one another anymore because the social profile does half the job for us.

That guy you met through the internet that seems to somehow know you so well and you just click is probably not organic but the result of him scanning all of your pictures, while noticing the pattern of blue you wear and reviewing the book report that you wrote in the “about me” section of your profile. Somehow it became so much easier to share with a community of strangers and harder to establish, build interpersonal relationships and maintain them. We love the microwave and things that can happen for us quickly instead of natural growth and development and the gratification that comes from building is a thing of old. It has been replaced by a high we get from the newness of a fresh face we had not yet scrolled upon and the like from this new face matters more than those who have been in the thick of things with us.

Somehow we develope a value system that relies heavily on the validation of the cyber network and hold far less concern for the people who know us personally and have been there for us outside of the virtual realities that we have found ourselves creating and committed to. Perhaps this is why we are so non- committal, we quit at the drop of a hat, we lust continually and are in perpetual cycles of searching for greener pastures.

We covet lifestyles that are pleasing to the flesh and void of the Most High God and wonder while the voids in our hearts are so wide. We cannot be satisfied with what we have been given because social media glorifies the competitive and covetous spirit. We are always striving and comparing. We lack contentment with what God has given us and we size us that thing with ideals of perfection that we will never achieve through our own means. Life now seems to be headed to that scene in Demolition Man where sex was experineced as something like a video game from fear of physical closeness.

I think in varying degrees we are seeing the fruit of technology and instead of us using it as a tool it is using us as one to comply with the genocide of God’s creative plan for unity, togetherness, marriage, children. Right now I am considering the agenda against us is working and I am wondering as human beings, where is this headed and why don’t we see it?

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